Monday, June 11, 2007

Another weekend is gone, and that means that I have a couple more dives under my belt. Yesterday was Hozumi's annual dive. I always give her a hard time about only going diving once a year or so, but actually I think she may have gotten 3 or 4 dives in the last year. But it was definitely her first dive of this calendar year, so I still felt justified in teasing her about it. She always really enjoys going to Wing Beach, and since there is a fairly small window each year to beach dive Wing Beach, she has to get her dive in sometime in May or June, before she takes off for the summer. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself once again, as she usually does, so you might be wondering why she only dives a couple times a year. You'd have to ask her for an answer to that question. Yesterday she got to see lionfish, stonefish, a leaf scorpionfish, octopus, and all the usual assorted tropical fish that make every dive memorable.

My old neighbor Greg decided to come along diving with us while we were all having lunch at Oleai. When we lived next to Greg at Kannat Gardens apartments, if you couldn't find him in his apartment, there was a very good chance you'd find him in ours. I think apart from sleeping, he spent more time at ours than his. And I'm fairly confident that he ate and drank more at ours than he did his own. Last week when we were having dinner Friday night, Hozumi asked me where my kids were. I figured she was referring to our daughter Sarah, and then Greg, who has become a part of the family as well. One of them was in Bali and the other was in Rota, which was ironic, because the week before, one of them was in Bali and the other was in Rota, but this week they traded destinations. Greg got back from Rota Sunday morning, so I picked him up from the airport and then we all met for lunch at Oleai.

But back to diving, you might have noticed in the picture that something isn't quite right. Hozumi looks like the consumate diver with the regulator in her mouth, but Greg seems to be missing his tank and regulator. That's because as we were setting our gear up, we heard this loud pop. I was hoping it was Greg's gear, and he was probably hoping it was mine. Unfortunately for Greg, something blew up in his regulator and that was the end of his dive. But not one to be deterred by such a little inconvenience, he grabbed his mask and fins and came out to snorkel above Hozumi and I on our dive. Of course no diver is really happy to simply float above and not come down to join the divers occasionally, so Greg spent probably half of his time down with us exploring, just holding his breath.

When Hozumi was running low on air, I came up with a great idea. The tank I always use is far heavier than most tanks, it's steel instead of aluminum, and it just weighs a ton. I still had over a half of my tank of air left, so I told Greg to go ahead and use my tank and spend some time under water, and I would just snorkel above them. So Greg and Hozumi went back down to play with a couple octopus, and Greg found a cool stonefish to take some pictures of. Then when Hozumi came back up, I took her tank off and put it on to carry back to the truck, which meant that Greg would have to carry my much heavier tank back to the truck. It's a pretty good walk back to where we parked, and I'm fairly certain Greg was probably cursing me out the whole walk back. And here I was just trying to be a nice guy and let Greg get in a little bit of bottom time, and let Hozumi walk back without having to carry a tank. Ok, so I might have gotten to carry the lighter tank, but you don't really think I actually plotted all that out do you?

Just another weekend in paradise with good friends, underwater adventure, and dinner back at our house on the patio afterward. Honestly, it just really doesn't get much better than that, especially since Greg had to carry my tank back.

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