Friday, June 22, 2007

Day of bloggers or Summer Solstice?

My Thursday morning guests on the talkshow were Angelo Villagomez, Boni Gomez and Jeff Turbitt, they are all established bloggers here on Saipan. I'm a johnny come lately blogger, since I've only been doing it a couple weeks, but these 3 actually know what they're doing and what they're talking about when it comes to blogs. So we had a good time discussing what blogs were, how they can help Saipan, and we learned from Angelo that you can lose a job because of your blog.

Jeff had sent around an e-mail earlier in the week about wanting to go for a blogger dive before he left for vacation. If you know anything about me at all, you know it doesn't take a lot of coercion to convince me to go diving. Bruce Bateman generously offered to take the blogging divers out in his boat, and Jeff suggested Thursday afternoon, so it was all set. The divers were Bruce, Jeff, Angelo and yours truly. We all thought that Angelo's girlfriend EJ was coming along to snorkel as well, since that's what Angelo had been saying in his e-mails, the only problem was he forgot to tell her. She did wind up coming to lunch with us though, so I got to meet her there. She wanted to have a picture taken with me, personally I think she just knows she looks that much better when sitting next to me. But if you want to see that picture, you'll have to go to her blog

Then it was off to Bruce's boat and out to Ice Cream, one of favorite dive spots on Saipan, thanks mainly to the group of spotted eagle rays that hang out there. So for all those of you who had to work Thursday afternoon and couldn't play hookie with us, here are a few shots of our dives. We did the shipwreck after Ice Cream, and made a full day of it.

This is Captain Bruce backing the Emerald II out of the slip at Smiling Cove Marina. Not only was he a great boat captain, but he was a great guy to talk to as well. Sorry Bruce, but I think your standing for the "most evil person in the world" ratings is slipping.

Angelo and I were the first two in the water, and were floating out to sea waiting for the other two to get their gear ready. Not to worry though, we all eventually met up underwater on the coral formation known as ice cream.

This was Jeff as he was slowly descending into the depths. Interesting technique, it looks like he's home sitting in his recliner watching a hot political debate or a Yankees game.

And here we have Bruce hovering above the top of Ice Cream. If you're wondering why it's called Ice Cream, from the surface the coral heads look like scoops of Ice Cream.

And here is the 3rd of the blogging divers, Angelo. Angelo was striking the traditional tourist pose during his safety stop on our first dive, and looking very stylish I might add. Ok, so technically Bruce may not be a blogger, but he writes a column for the Tribune, so I think that counts. And plus it was his boat so who's going to argue?

And if you're waiting for the picture of me diving, well you can just keep waiting, it's my blog and I can put in whatever I want.

It was an awesome day for diving, talking and just generally enjoying ourselves. Here are a couple of the videos I took of the spotted eagle rays. And if you'd like to see more pics from our dive, feel free to look at the Bloggers Dive album on my smugmug site.


Jeff said...

I love that weightless, outer space feeling of the underwater world, hence my unorthodox descent. It feels cool. Great diving with you. Was a great day.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I enjoyed it too, Harry. Let's go again soon.

My own blog will be cranking up soon as it appears the one I was contributing to but not managing is post mortem.

Good work on yours, Harry. It is very entertaining.

PS: You didn't see me poking that reef fish in the eye so as to keep my evility rating up there in the 9's. Should have heard it whimper.

Bon said...

I wouldn't say I know what I'm talking about, but I do love blogging. Thanks for having me on. Looks like I missed a great day on the water.

KPG said...

Thanks for mentioning about my blog. I should be ready to snorkle next time when I am told properly. Hehe

Angelo Villagomez said...

Harry, feel free to use any of the pictures. Proper blogger etiquette is that you just add a link to the source in your post.