Monday, June 25, 2007

Displaced Shells

Anyone who has ever been to my office before will recognize that mess as my desk. If you know anything at all about me, you know I love to scuba dive, and you probably know that I like to look for shells when I'm diving as well. I've brought in a small sampling to my office, so I can be surrounded by these marvels of the sea all day while I'm at work. And people usually enjoy looking at them and seeing shells they had no idea existed out here.

I also used to display hundreds of shells all over my big desk at home. It had a high back and shelves on it, so it was perfect for putting shells everywhere. Then we moved, and somehow in the move, I lost my desk to my daughter, she claimed it and put it in her room. Needless to say, she had other ideas about what she wanted to put on the shelves of the desk, so my shells had to find a new home.

I had packed them all in a suitcase for the move, and there must have been one or two, (ok - maybe 10, possibly 20, but certainly no more than 100) that had a certain odor associated with them. If you don't get all of the crab or animal out of the shell, it can really smell pretty bad after a while, and the smell doesn't really seem to go away with time, until you actually get that piece of whatever out of the shell. Well that's what Kelli claims anyway, personally I hardly ever smell anything, it's probably just a female thing. So because something in the suitcase might have had a little odor, I've been ordered to leave the shells in the suitcase, and store the suitcase somewhere that no one comes into contact with it. While I have missed seeing my shells at home greatly, I'm afraid I'm the only one who's missed them.

Up until Greg brought a friend over to see my shell collection yesterday, then all the sudden there was a legitimate excuse to go digging the shells back out again. So I got the suitcase, and took it outside to the patio, so as to not anger the odor police, and we went through shells on the patio table. I'll admit, it's possible I might have gotten a whiff of something as I was going through the shells, but it could have been from something out in the jungle just wafting in too.

These are just a few of the larger shells from my collection, but I didn't have the heart to put them back in the suitcase, so now I have to try to find spots throughout the house to hide them. What I really need to do is build a display case for them with a sealed glass top or door. I did look at a couple to buy, but I got there right after Bruce Bateman bought it right from under my nose. Now that I think about it, maybe he is the most evil person in the world - just kidding Bruce. I can easily think of at least a dozen far worse than you.

But if the shells are in a sealed display case, you won't be able to smell them, and I won't have to dust them, a winning idea all around! But guys if you really think you're the king of your castle, just try displaying some shells that might, just might have a slight trace of a less than favorable odor emanating from them. Then you'll find out who's really in charge in no time at all. If you're lucky, you'll be allowed to stay in the castle, but the shells will undoubtedly be banished to the dungeon. Guess I'd better get busy on building that display case!


bigsoxfan said...

Here's one idea. Pick up a hot glue gun and some cheap frames (national stationary and the dolpin store, respectively) The glue should seal off any residual odor producing remants.
My wife enjoys collecting shells from the beach. Kinda funny, fairly often, she will miss a hermit crab in residence and is a little suprised to find the shell in a new local. She's quite the conservationist and sends me back to the beach with the crabs on a regular basis. The beach is probably the only place on the island where you can make a return without a reciept. Anyway, the shells make a great border for a picture, perhaps even a diving picture of which you also seem to have some excellant examples.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You have a good collection going, Harry. My collection is carefully wrapped and stored awaiting a house big enough to set up the display cases...and the ones for my collection of Hopi Kachinas as well.

Sorry about buying that glass case before you got to the Panda store. Come visit it at Porky's, and bring a shell to display inside if you have one to spare.

Damnit, I knew I was going to lose worst person votes...I must concentrate on evility!

PS: Lets go diving again soon. I broke a rib while sailing over the weekend so can't go right now, but I think I'll be able to manage in a week or two. I've seen a couple of interesting and large coral formations ourside the lagoon and north of the ice cream area. I think they bear exploring.

Harry Blalock said...

Just teasing you about the display cases Bruce. And you know you only have to say the word to get me in the water. Just let me know when you're up to going again. Sorry to hear about the rib.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your collection with me, Harry. I think we talked about getting together over a year ago to swap shell stories, so I really lucked out schedule wise with your move to the new place. I was so inspired to go collecting that I went to Pau Pau that afternoon. I found a small abalone, two terebras, a fist-sized heart urchin shell, and an olive! Oh, and please tell Kelli thank you for the muffins. Hope to dive with you soon.