Monday, June 18, 2007

Housewarming party

This is the patio and outdoor kitchen at our new house. We were going to be having a housewarming party last Saturday night, so I went out and bought a few new patio chairs and a new Weber grill for the occasion. I did have the foresight to take a picture before the party started, for what I'm not really sure. But then once the party got started, I got so busy I completely forgot about taking any pictures. We had a great time at the party though, and had an amazing turnout of people. In the week leading up to the party, I kept running into people, and I would keep inviting them to the party. It started out as something fairly small, just a few close friends over that we could easily accomodate on the patio.

Well you know how it is, you're in Ace Hardware, buying the grill and you run into Ryan, who you really haven't seem much of the last couple of years. So of course you have to invite him and Erin and their 2 children to the party. Then I wound up taking Roland for his first dive Saturday morning, so of course I invited him and his wife Shana to the party as well. The guest list went from 10 to about 40 in no time with me on the loose. I'm surprised Kelli didn't lock me in the outdoor bathroom and take away my phone, and then plug any air holes leading out of the bathroom. I kept assuring her they wouldn't all show up and everything would be just fine.

Sure enough, at 5:30 they started showing up, and they just kept coming. I had a hunch there might be a fairly large group of people, so I bought a big Rainbow Runner and 3 big tuna to grill out. I marinated them in jerk sauce for a couple hours that afternoon, and then just threw them on the grill. By 7:00, the patio was full to overflowing with people, the kitchen was full of people, and the living room was full of people. Boy was I ever glad I grilled all that fish! People brought dishes to pass, wine, desserts and there was plenty of food to go around. The next morning we tried to do a count to figure out exactly how many people came. We came up with 29, although I'm fairly certain we missed a few in the count. Everybody kept commenting how good the fish was, I told them it was an old jerk secret. I think a few of them were insinuating that it was my personal secret, but that's ok.

It seems everyone had a great time though, and it was kind of funny, because after a while, some of the guests were actually playing tour guide and showing other guests through our new house. Some of them just kept going on the tours for the fun of it, or maybe they just liked walking on the plush carpeting in our bedroom. But in spite of all the worrying ahead of time, everything went off perfectly, and to my knowledge nobody even noticed the blue internet line that went from the corner of the kitchen to the wireless unit on top of the refrigerator. It's a woman thing, don't ask me.

But one of the most entertaining aspects of the party was Hozumi trying to figure out Doug's cork trick. She worked on it for most of the night until she was finally satisified she had it. For a very unique perspective of the party, I encourage you to read Hozumi's blog go to the entry for 6/16/07 titled "House warming up party". You have to remember that Hozumi is Japanese and English is her second language, but I think it's awesome. And when you get to the part about the jorks, she really means jokes, just thought I'd help you out with that one.

To everyone that came to the party, thanks for an awesome evening! And for those who I didn't get around to inviting (Kelli was really threatening me with bodily hard at that point), let me know when you want to come over and we'll do it all again, if Kelli doesn't kill me first.

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Anonymous said...

Hey so i'm gunna come out and see this new get ready. You have a couple years to warn Kelli tho, see you some time!!!