Friday, June 8, 2007

Not your typical anniversary

I have had a nasty cold all week, one of those that just makes you feel rotten, you can't smell or taste anything, and it just doesn't seem to want to go away. Kelli and I went out for lunch to Capricciosa, an Italian restaurant for some pasta, and discussed what we should do for our anniversary dinner that night. I had fully intended to take her to a nice restaurant at the Hyatt, but she knew that I couldn't really smell or taste much anyway, and still didn't feel that great, so she suggested just staying home and having a nice quiet dinner for just the two of us.

I tried fighting it at first, believing that you have to do something extravagent and expensive on your anniversary, but I knew she was right, it would just be wasted on me. So I agreed, but decided I wanted to cook for her at home and have a nice dinner out on our newly finished patio. You know what they say about the best laid plans and good intentions. I didn't wind up getting my work finished up until nearly 5, so I called her and she met me at my office, we went grocery shopping together, picked out the food we wanted, and went home together.

My first job was cleaning off the patio, hosing it off since they just got done painting and working out there. Then I went in and helped her cut up mushrooms and eggplant for the stirfry. We had salad, mushroom and eggplant stirfry, corn on the cob and garlic toast. And the ironic thing was that this is actually what I wanted for dinner. I didn't want a big steak, or shrimp, or grilled chicken. Kelli's influence is actually rubbing off on me and making me enjoy such things for dinner. It didn't bother me at all that there was no meat, I thought it was awesome. She also picked out a bottle of peach Arbor Mist, (girl wine) and we had that with our dinner.

We watched a gorgeous sunset from our own patio, and had a beautiful orchid that had just bloomed that day for a table decoration. It was just the two of us, well if you don't count the animals that is. Emma, our dog, was running around, chasing our cats, Charlie and Alex, who were all enjoying having us outdoors with them. We talked about our lives, where we have been, and where we are now, and decided that we love the place in life we are right now. Ok, I might have preferred to not have a cold, but this too shall pass. Sometimes doing the simple thing is really the special thing, especially when it's with the one you're supposed to be with. Really that's all that matters.

Then we did the dishes together, so that our kitchen continued to look spotless, and retired to the bedroom to watch some tv (I have a cold remember) and eat watermelon. Ok, maybe we're sounding like an old couple, but we're somewhere in our mid 40's now, I'd say we're entitled. And as strange as this is going to sound, I think it was one of our more memorable anniversaries, definitely one of the ones that I enjoyed the most. I have no doubt that we're going to have many more enjoyable dinners on that patio, and yes, the bulk of them probably won't be including meat, although I'm not promising it will never make another appearance.

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glend558 said...

Harry: A suggestion, go to,settings/formatting/show, and add maybe, 10 to 20 or 30 to show your posts all at once, its much easier to follow your posts without hitting older posts.I too have had that nasty cold for a week also, it's a pain in the ass.
Happy anniversary,