Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A published photographer

It is always exciting when you discover that somebody else finds your hobbies and interests as cool as you do. And it's even more exciting when they like it so much they want to use your product in their project. I guess you could say I've had a fair amount of recognition over the years for different things, most of it revolving around the commentary I write every week though. If you do a google search of Harry Blalock, it will either show results linking me to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, my commentary - Food For Thought, or my morning talk show. That's all good and fine, but somewhat expected, after all it's what I do for a living.

But recently I got an e-mail that really got me excited, no that kind of e-mail. This was from respected Marine Biologist, underwater photographer and writer Rudie Kuiter. Rudie had seen some of my pictures of a couple certain nudibranchs on a website, and he wanted to use them in a book he is publishing. That is one of the highest compliments a hack photographer such as myself can get is to have a noted professional underwater photographer actually want to include some of your pictures in a book he is publishing. If you'd like to see a couple of the pictures that will be in Rudie's book, you can see them on these links:



Part of the reason he was so interested is that there just aren't many pictures available of these two types of nudibranchs. They were only discovered and named back in the early 1990's, and there were only a couple known pictures of them from that time until 2000. And even up to today, there just really aren't that many pictures of them out there to choose from. So when I put up a couple nice, clean digital shots of them he was interested. The book is going to be called "Nudibranchs of the World" and it is by Rudie Kuiter. Though it's probably not a book that will be sitting in every bookstore, it is one that will most likely be owned by any divers with an interest in nudibranchs, and it will include several pictures with an acknowledgement from Harry B. Blalock. No I'm not making any money from it, I'm not getting a cut of the royalties or anything like that, for me it is satisfaction enough knowing that I actually managed to contribute something that will have a lasting value, and will be used and appreciated by many people.

Something tells me that we all have things like that, things that would be valued and appreciated if only the right people were to see them. I think one of the biggest limiting factors for us is that we don't think anybody else would appreciate the things we do, but you just might be surprised. I would encourage you to follow your dreams, put your pictures out there, or your writing, or whatever it is that you do, and see who else might think it's really cool too! You just never know who might see it, and what might happen!

This whole thing also makes me realize just how little we know about this earth we live on, and how much there is yet to explore and learn. Here this nudibranch, or sea slug, wasn't even known before 1993, and here it is only 14 years later and I have over 200 pictures of them. I seriously doubt that it's because it didn't exist before that, but I'm guessing people either weren't looking in the right places, or weren't paying any attention when they did see them, or just didn't care. I'm telling you, there are opportunities everywhere. Do you have your eyes open? Will you know the opportunities when you see them? And what will you do with them once you discover them?

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scubatripp said...

Awesome Harry! Great stuff on all your sites. This post hits home. I've been doing some research into a little guy I filmed, seems not much known about it's reproductive cycle and I caught it moving away from the egg sac! Lots to be discovered. Check out www.seaslugforum.net
You're also linked up at www.saipanscuba.blogspot.com