Monday, July 9, 2007

Axe Murderer Tours

I know it will probably come as a big surprise, but this next entry has something to do with diving, so I figured a few more dive pics are justified. Who are we trying to fool, dive pics are always justified! Of course I spent this past weekend under water once again, so I have a few new pictures begging to make the blog. But you're probably wondering why the title "Axe Murderer Tours", and why anybody in their right mind would actually name their tour company such a thing. Well, this is my blog, so the whole question about being in their right mind really doesn't apply, but there is a reason.

A couple years ago my dive buddy and I were at the dive shop getting our tanks refilled for the next days dives. There were a couple women there, one American the other a Brit, they were in the military and were here for a long weekend from Seoul. Their tour agent had really jerked them around and so far nothing was going right for them. The American was wanting to go out on a dive, but was having trouble getting things arranged, it seems they were booked the next day, and they were having trouble finding anyone to talk to in English. So Doug and I offered to take her diving with us the next day. We told her we didn't charge, but we were local dive bums and would be happy to show her around underwater. She seemed pretty happy about the option of going diving with a couple Americans so there was no language barrier. We told them we'd pick them up at 9 am the next morning in front of their hotel.

As someone who has never adapted to "island time", we pulled up in front of the hotel at 9 am exactly, and they were sitting on the curb out front. They were laughing as they got into the truck, so we asked what was so funny. They said they were just discussing the situation, and realized they really knew nothing about us, other than the fact that we appeared to be divers since we were getting some tanks filled. They said all the sudden it dawned on them that we could be axe murderers for all they knew, and here they were willingly going with us. Then they started questioning their own sanity for doing such a thing. Personally I think they've just seen too many slasher flicks, but we assured them we had no axes in the truck, and that we'd never lost a diver to date either. That seemed to give them a little relief and we were off to the dive.

We did our best to show them island hospitality, taking them out to lunch at Oleai between dives, we gave them an island tour, and then Kelli and I took them out to dinner at the old Sunset Bar & Grill sitting out on the beach. As we sat there watching the sunset on a picture perfect night, the ladies said I should open my own tour company offering individual, personal tours. They said they had never had that kind of personal service and would have been willing to pay big bucks for it as it was one of the best tours they've ever had anywhere. Well of course I said I had the perfect name for it, Axe Murderer Tours.

I've taken many people out diving over the years, but most of them I've run into on island. Then I got an e-mail a couple days ago from a gentleman living in Japan saying he was going to be on Saipan and came across my blog talking about diving. He was wondering if I could recommend anyone for him to go diving with while he was here. Well, as a matter of fact, I do know this delusional old dive bum who talks on the radio occasionally, and I told him I'd highly recommend him. So it's all set, he's coming down next week and I'm taking him out diving. I thought it was very cool that here he was reading blogs about Saipan and decided to e-mail me about diving after seeing all my dive pictures. Axe Murderer Tours is in business. And no, I'm not charging him, that would take all the fun out of it. But I think I can legitimately claim to be an international tour guide now.

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Angelo Villagomez said...

Harry "Danger" Blalock - International Tour Guide

In my first week on Saipan I was contacted by a German girl living in Japan. We didn't dive, but I took her around the island like you are describing.