Saturday, July 21, 2007

Being Paid by the Ocean for Cleaning Up!

It's official, Axe Murderer Tours had it's second official diver yesterday. DJ, who lives in Japan and who found my blog on the internet contacted me about diving on Saipan, came and went diving with me Friday afternoon. We were hoping to do Wing Beach, but the waves there had other ideas, so we wound up at Grotto. He's an American who's been living in Japan for the past 12 years, and is an awesome guy and diver. If he ever contacts you about going diving on Saipan, I'd highly recommend him.
The conditions at Grotto were perfect and we had a couple great dives. As we came back into the Grotto though, it was obvious that the Budweiser drinking pigs have been back. I'm fairly certain that no rational person would carelessly throw their empty Budweiser cans in the Grotto when finished with them, knowing how many tourists come here just to dive the Grotto and see the beauty of it underwater. Therefore I come to the conclusion that we must have a problem with pigs who have acquired a taste for Budweiser. Obviously pigs would not think about or care about the effect that throwing their empty cans in the Grotto would have, after all, they're pigs, they wallow in the mud and all. So even though I certainly done condone the action of the swine, I pick up after them in the Grotto and try to keep it looking clean for everyone who enjoys the Grotto as much as I do.

Now you need to keep in mind that I do this every single time I dive the Grotto, look for the garbage the oinkers leave behind. So you wouldn't think there would be that much from one dive to the next, but you would be wrong. I picked over over a dozen cans, bottles, flip flops, gloves and a few other items we won't mention as well (garbage items lest anyone get the wrong idea). Anyway, after making a pretty thorough sweep of the Grotto, I went through the washing machine looking for garbage as well, yes it was that calm yesterday. After I had picked up some more garbage, DJ came up tapping me on the back and handed me a wet $20 dollar bill. After we got out of the water, he told me it was just floating behind me. Now was this the ocean's way of thanking me for taking all the garbage out of the Grotto, or was it just a clever ploy by DJ to slip me $20 for the air fills and make me think he found it floating in the water. I'm not sure, and I don't think he's telling, but for now we'll assume it was the ocean showing it's appreciation. You know the old saying, good things happen to good people, well this time, something good even happened to me - so you just never know.
Anyway, my garbage bag was full when I got out of the water, and was a bit heavy to lug back up the steps at the Grotto, but trash belongs in the trash cans at the top of the Grotto, not in the water in the Grotto. Well it's time to go diving again, more pictures later I promise.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'm bringing a whole case of beer and throwing it in, Harry. The good news is I am leaving the beer cans full. Finders, drinkers.

Do you think this will lose me any votes?

Brad said...

Hi Harry! Great work cleaning up the trash. I used to work on the Mississippi River doing that very same thing, day in and day out. Spent about a year hauling in tires, refrigerators, beer cans, lawn chairs, you name it! It's amazing that anyone would actually throw the stuff in the water rather than disposing of it properly. the $20 was definitely karma paying off for you.

I'm moving to Saipan soon and hope to hook up with the local divers. I've had some emails back and forth with Mike and I have his video. I really enjoy your photos too! They're helping me get by until I can be there and start diving.

Brad (not "Brad the Saipan Beach Boy")

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Brad, glad to hear we have another diver moving to Saipan! You don't need to worry about hooking up with any divers, there are a bunch of us that go every weekend no matter what. Let me know when you get here, I'd love to introduce you to the nudi's in the Grotto!