Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bubbles in the Grotto

For those of you who might recognize her underwater, this is Bev, or Bubbles. She wound up going on a dive with me as a result of her going on a dive with Greg. One of the main things you need to know about her and Greg is that they have matching cameras. Greg had to replace the camera he lost, that he got to replace the other camera he lost. And since he was ordering one anyway, Bev went ahead and had him order her the same one as well.

Now there are many stories that I could tell about this dive, and I might but not tonight. But the most interesting part of it was having Bev show us the pictures she took on the dive. I'm thinking she's going to be doing a new blog feature soon, kind of like Deece's where you have to identify something. Deece always just takes a little square of a bigger picture and you have to identify it. In Bev's case, she wouldn't need to take a square of anything, she could just go ahead and put the whole picture up there, and you'd still have a real contest trying to figure out what it was. Bev just has a different eye for pictures. Anyway, if you know Bev, you might want to ask her about her dive, and about her new underwater jewelry, accesorized wrist wear.

Well Bev, that's all I'm going to say for now. But again, no promises what tomorrow may bring.


Bev said...

lol i reserve copyrights on all my pictures!!!!! :P

scubatripp said...

Looking forward to the other stories.
I know you didn't see them cause you were busy with the sex games but you may want to check out the shark footage from our second dive on my blog. Thanks again for a memorable day!