Friday, July 13, 2007

George is back!!!

Well I'm trying something new today, taking Angelo's advice. Now that I think about it, taking Angelo's advice might be new too, so maybe I'm trying two new things today. He suggested that I either make my pictures smaller, or make them bigger and put them in the center of the page. Since most of my pictures are underwater shots that are shot in Macro mode, it seemed foolish to make them smaller so you would miss out on the detail, so bigger it is! For those of you who are Saipan divers, you will recognize George in the photo above as the resident Wing Beach moray eel. George has been there for at least 8-10 years that I know of, and maybe more. George is a 6' green moray eel that has gotten very used to divers over the years, and has been known to come out of his hole, let you pet him and even pose for pictures. Now I have to admit, I've never had the guts to actually pet Georges head or neck, just way too close to all those nasty teeth for my liking. But then again, there are those who would say that is smart and not being chicken at all. I don't know but I'll continue to err on the side of caution. This was the first time I'd seen George all season at Wing Beach. Did he just get back from vacation in Palau or something? I don't know, but it sure was good to see him back where he belongs.

This shot gives you a good idea why I'm not too excited about trying to pet George's head or neck. Those are some very big and sharp teeth. Now I don't think for a minute that George would bite me out of anger or malice, but you just never know, after all I'm not a certified eel psychologist either. The problem though is that tourists have been feeding George Vienna Sausages for years, and those stubby little sausages could look a lot like fingers. Especially to an old eel whose eyesight probably isn't the best anymore. I figure why tempt fate - George probably needs glasses, and I know I need my fingers, otherwise it would be really tough to do my blog.
Yes, I'm devoting my entire blog today to George. If you've survived living out here as many years as he has without being speared, eaten or died from too many Vienna Sausages, I say you deserve your 15 minutes of fame, or in this case one blog entry and 3 pictures. You might be wondering what all the little white specks are all over George's head and neck. No he doesn't have dandruff. George was in a hole on the wall at Wing Beach, and Hozumi was swimming above me as I was taking pictures of George. Her fins were kicking loose the sand on the wall, and it was falling all over George and me. So if you could have seen a picture of me while I was taking George's picture, I'm sure I'd have the same white specks all over my head as well. George was a good sport about it though and stayed until I had all the pictures I wanted of him.

So if you decide to go out and dive Wing Beach before the season is over, and pet George while you're out there, let me know how it goes. Or better yet, give me a call first and let me come along to take pictures of the occasion. It would be nice to be able to remember how your fingers looked when they were still where they belonged.

Welcome back George old buddy!


Bev said...

lol Harry, is George located towards the left wall or right wall when you dive Wing? If my new camera comes in by Sat I want to dive wing beach!

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Bev, you're welcome to come along with me to Wing if it's divable this weekend. Right now though it's not looking very good for a shore dive. So are you saying you want to pet George or just take his picture?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I have missed George too, glad he's back. Any decals on his luggage to show where he's been?

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Anonymous said...

Harry, Awesome pictures. I love your site. I miss the islands so much.

Bill Thomsen

Harry Blalock said...

Hey Bill, how are ya? I'm glad you're enjoying the site, and hopefully it brings back some good old memories of your time in the islands.

Bree Reynolds said...

i met george's cousing gilbert today at obyan

Lex said...

You not petting 'George' is not being chicken at all. I recently saw a clip of a guy who's been playing around with this moray eel for months, one day it just up and tore the guy's thumb off.

I for one get spooked just by seeing eels lol. Its weird how I'd try to catch a sea snake but freak out when looking at an eel. I'd probably faint if I saw the full 6' length of one.

Great read and pics btw =)

Harry Blalock said...

Hey Lex thanks for the comment and the reminder about why I don't pet George.