Friday, July 27, 2007

Here They Go Again

I don't recall asking to be included in the last poll, the one for Saipan's sexiest male blogger, and I don't recall asking to be included in the latest Jeff Turbitt creation either. I think they just keep including me in such things to make themselves look better. But since they've done it to me anyway, I guess I should shamelessly ask for your vote. If you enjoy my diving pics, cat stories and twisted sense of humor, I'd appreciate your vote for this one. Angelo really wants to win this one, so that makes me want it even more. A vote for Harry is a vote that you think the ocean is an amazing place, and want to see more of it! So since Jeff didn't see fit to include such amazing blogs as Bev's Bubbles in Paradise, Connie's Island Treasures, Deece's Great Expectations, EJ's World, Greg's Rock in the Tropical Sun, the lovely Hozumi's blog, Shazam, and how could you not include my Buddy Mike Tripp's amazing blog? I'm appealing to all of you to vote for Harry on this one, surely you wouldn't vote for Jeff after he snubbed you! Anyway, thanks to all of you who see fit to vote for me, muchos gracias!


Jeff said...

This is going to be an ugly campaign. I set it for only two weeks though.

Angelo Villagomez said...

I've decided to go negative