Sunday, July 29, 2007

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Saturday morning, as I've done on countless other Saturday mornings, I rounded up my dive gear and headed for the Grotto, anxious to see what new adventure might be awaiting me. I took a look on the rope rock, and the spot where a bunch of the Halgerda guahan were hanging out last weekend. And just like Mike Tripp reported in his blog there wasn't a single nudibranch to be found. So I went out of hole #2 just to look around, went down to about 120', took a few pictures and then decided to go back inside the Grotto and look for other nudibranchs. I started looking very closely over all the big boulders laying on the ocean floor just inside the #2 opening. And that's when I saw them, those two frisky little Halgerda guahan in the picture above. They were going right at it as if it was last weekend still. So being the voyeur of underwater sex acts that I am, I started snapping away, documenting this for whatever reason.

But Mike had declared the mating season over for these frisky little critters the previous Monday. so was it possible these two just didn't read Mike's blog? Did they not have enough fun the previous weekend, and they wanted round 2? Or had we just jumped to some erroneous conclusions about the whole thing? It was obvious there was something special about the previous weekend for these little jello jiggler types, but maybe it was just the beginning of the season to procreate, and they all come out of hiding to celebrate that fact together. Of course this discovery also had me wondering if I was the Hugh Hefner of the Halgerda guahan community. Did I somehow personally inspire these guys to go at it? Is it my amazingly shiny shaved head? After all, the one key demoninator in all the mating sightings was me, remember Mike didn't see any last Monday. Was I the Pied Piper of sex for this particular genus of nudibranch? How cool would that be? Or had these two just been going at it solid for the past week and were having so much fun they just didn't want it to end? All legitimate questions that definitely require further scientific study before any definitive conclusions can be reached. I decided to keep looking around on these coral encrusted rocks to see if it was a fluke or if there might indeed be any proof that I was the Pied Piper of the Halgerda Guahan. That's when I ran across this guy. I don't know if he was just out for a Saturday stroll, wanted to say hi to me, or if I had somehow inspired him to come out and look for another of his species to get down and dirty with too. One thing was becoming increasingly clear though, the Halgerda guahan were still out this weekend, at least for me and were very into posing for pictures. You can tell by the way they seductively show off those rhinopores. So I spent a fair amount of time with this one too taking pictures, letting her know I thought she was just as attractive as the last nudibranch.
Now I was convinced that they were coming back out for me, so I kept looking, and then I stumbled across this Halgerda malesso. Now I still hadn't caught any of the malesso in the act, so I didn't know if they just hadn't managed to hook up yet, if it wasn't their mating season, or if they just liked to come out and watch all the guahan getting it on. But either way, I was glad to have another one of them to take pictures of and to document. I wound up seeing another 5 of these guys before calling this dive quits about 2 1/2 hours later.

So even though I may not have won the title of Saipan's Sexiest Male Blogger, I think there is now ample proof to declare that I am probably the most sexually stimulating Saipan male blogger to Halgerda guahan nudibranchs. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure whether that's something to be proud of or embarassed over. Well, I'm going to assume it means nothing but good things, and that my shiny shaved head is an inspiration to them all. Sorry Mike, but if you shave your head, you might find you have more luck. Anyway, we all know you like my stories, so vote for Harry's World for Saipan's favorite blog. And yes, it's perfectly ok to go back and change your vote, there is a little option at the bottom for that. All I have to say is, it's a very good thing that the nudibranchs can't vote, or I'd be a shoe in.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

How long did you stay at 120, Harry? How long were the decom stops?

Thanks for the wonderful photos. Makes me want to get off my duff this afternoon and go under d water for a while.

Angelo Villagomez said...

One day you will regret writing these words:

"there is now ample proof to declare that I am probably the most sexually stimulating Saipan male blogger to Halgerda guahan nudibranchs"

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Harry.

Only spotted two H. guahan on Saturday in Agat. I think they were lonely, probably missed the love boat to Saipan. And still haven't spotted H. malesso. What's up with that?

Cheers, Bob

Harry Blalock said...

Bruce, until I got bored and had to go somewhere else to find something else to take pictures of. And by the way, what is a deco stop? Just kidding, I usually wind up doing between 45 minutes and an hour on the rope.

Angelo, I already do, even though it would appear to be true.

Bob, if you come back to Saipan to dive, I'm fairly certain I can find you a malesso or two to photograph. I'll bring a yellow magic marker just in case.