Friday, July 20, 2007

Life is Good, For Today Anyway!

Yes, I believe that today is going to be a good day, let me list the reasons for you that I believe such a thing:

- It's Friday!!!!!!!!! Really I could stop here and it would be enough.

- I got a hit on my blog this morning from Scotland. No, I don't know the person, but I don't care, it's from Scotland. My grandmother came from Scotland, she belonged to the McLeod clan. Very cool, I've been waiting for a Scotland hit for a month! I may have to have a glass of Scotch tonight to celebrate, want to join me?

- It appears the whole flap will now die down regarding Blogger Wars 07. I'm very thankful for that, it's been an exhausting week for me. I'm not thinking the nameless one and I are going to be best friends or anything, but I'll take peace and quiet.

- Axe Murderer Tours has it's next official guest today. I'm taking DJ, who lives in Japan out for a dive this afternoon. He found my blog online and sent me an e-mail asking me who he could hook up to go diving with. As if I'd ever pass up an opportunity for a dive. Well ok, there may have been one or two I've passed up, but that was different. (No, I don't really have a company called Axe Murderer Tours, just like I don't really have Harry's Crab Shack, so settle down Department of the Interior) But if I ever get the opportunity or find anyone crazy enough to want to go into a partnership with me, look out! And no Rev & Tax, I don't charge for my dive tours, so you can't tax me on them. Have we put enough disclaimers out there now?

-I could probably go on for a while, but you're probably sick of reading what I have to say this week anyway, so what do you say we swim with the fishes for a while? Here is some video of the fish ball at Lau Lau.


Angelo Villagomez said...

So what were you celebrating the last night when you drank scotch? And what were you celebrating the night before that?

Bree Reynolds said...

i'm like voldermort! the one who can't be named. maybe there's a most evil woman in the world award and i could hold court with bruce.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful swim with the fish ball!
Mr. Stonefish looks happy it's friday too! : )

Angelo Villagomez said...

Here's a video I shot of the baitball earlier this year:

Notice how I put my url on the video. That is one way to protect intellectual property. You could do something similar with your photos, or come up with a Harry's Crab Shack logo to put in the corner.