Thursday, July 12, 2007

Saipan Tour

I've had a lot of people visiting my site from all over the world who have never heard of Saipan before. This is thanks in large part to my participating in Link Referral which gets your website exposed to other people with websites all over the world. Most of them are trying to sell something or make money with their websites, but there are a few of us out there like me who are just trying to get some good exposure for our website. Many of the comments I have gotten through Link Referral show that this is a fairly good way of educating people about Saipan, showing them where it is and what it is like here. So I thought I'd show a few more pics from above water so my visitors can see a little bit of the dry side of Saipan too. I thought I'd also share a few of their comments so you can see the impact this is having. This first picture is of Wing Beach, one of my favorite diving spots on Saipan.

Here are some of the reviews of my blog on Link Referral:

- Lovely underwater pix. I've never been to Saipan, but it must be quite scenic. Thanks for sharing your blog and pictures...
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- Very fascinating blog. I actually found myself wanting to read more and more. I think this most likely the best blog I've seen yet. I love your work. Cheers!
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- This is an excellent site with great pictures and content. It is very educational and makes one want to visit. I wish I could afford it.
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- I love your blog. Fantastic shot of the conch. Sites most of us will never see. What an adventure.
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- Terrific Website! I got caught up in the beauty, the tales and the information. I spent quite awhile reading and learning about Saipan. Sounds like a beautiful, sunny, and wonderful place to live. Website loads quickly, is full of informative information that is "mostly" easy to find. Love the stories from the residents. Great job.
Joanne -

- You have done an excellent job at displaying your site and your passion for diving and the pride in your home, which is beautiful, shows tremendously. I really enjoyed browsing through your photos and would love to go diving one day. Two thumbs up for this incredible site!
Diana -

- Breathtaking photos and well written homepage - enjoyed my visit! My Dad was there during the war - he always wanted to go back. I'll show him your site.
Deborah -

- Great site Harry ! I really enjoyed the beautiful underwater photos. You are an excellent photograher and your photos made me wish that I was there underwater too ! Have a wonderful day !
Diana -

These were some of the over 200 reviews about my blog on Link Referral, so I kind of feel like I have an obligation to showcase some of the reasons I love Saipan, and to show off a little more of the island. It also kind of makes me wonder if Marianas Visitors Authority should just hire some of us to continue to write about Saipan and post pictures of it as this is extremely cost effective advertising. Many thanks to everyone that has taken the time to review my site and leave comments, it's nice to know that someone else appreciates what you do as well.

Right now it's flame tree season, and there are some gorgeous pictures of the flame trees that are becoming more and more prevalent in the islands. But I'm going to refer you to Mike's site for some of those pictures. He's done a great job of taking some excellent pictures of them.

This is a Papaya tree right on the edge of our driveway, with Mt. Topachou in the background. It doesn't matter where you are on Saipan, every view is picture postcard material. The sites and scenery are something that I never tire of, and try to spend as much time soaking them in as I possibly can.

This is the view of the lagoon when you're coming down from Suicide Cliff. It is named from the thousands of Japanese soldiers who chose to jump from the cliff and commit suicide during World War II, as opposed to letting themselves be captured by the incoming American forces. You can see Managaha island in the lagoon on the right side of the picture.

No matter how much I try to show pictures of the land, it all seems to come back to the water. This is the view from Bonzai Cliff on the northern end of Saipan. A very beautiful and scenic spot, which was also the site of many suicides of Japanese soldiers during World War II. There are many monuments placed here by the families of those who died here, and they still come to pay their respects.

And this final shot is a typical Saipan sunset, where the sun turns the sky into a artists pallette of color. The oranges, pinks, reds, blues and whites combine to give you memorable scenes almost every single night. The breathtaking beauty of Saipan is only matched right now by the horrible economic conditions that are driving the island into a depression unlike anything we've ever seen. More on that another time.

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Bringing back all the memories of the beautiful island...thanks for putting the pics up to remind me of the beauty!