Thursday, July 12, 2007


Much to my great shock, I am actually leading the pack in Angelo's poll. Yes, he's not the only one who's shocked. And my wife never did get around to voting for me, although she claims she plans to today. And frankly Mike, I'm kind of glad I didn't get your vote, I'd prefer that all my votes come from the opposite sex. This way I'll feel much better about bumping into you underwater.

For those wondering why their names weren't included on the poll, or why there wasn't a slot for "others", it wasn't my poll, it was Angelo's. I simply took what he provided on his website and stuck it on mine as well, figuring I wouldn't get a single vote if the poll was only on his website.

No, you won't see me posting any pictures of myself in celebration of the poll at this point in time, I hate having my picture taken actually, and will do anything to avoid it. Anyone who knows me will attest to this fact. I wasn't really thrilled about even using my picture on my website at all, but figured there might be those reading who haven't seen me in years, and might be wondering what I've turned into.

It seems Angelo is throwing in the towel on the poll already, saying that "bald and talkative is the new sexy". He is right about a couple things though, even though this whole blogging thing is new to me, I've been speaking my mind publicly for years. I actually had my 25th anniversary of being on the radio a couple months ago, so whether I'm saying the words or writing them, I'm used to the whole concept. To think that I've been on the radio almost as long as Angelo has been alive, oh well, there's just no accounting for people's taste I guess. I have to admit, I am truly enjoying blogging though, and getting the feedback from it. It still amazes me all the places I'm getting readers, and getting e-mail from.

So thanks to those of you who actually voted for me, sadly my own wife can't be included in those numbers at this point, but we've been married 27 years now, who can blame her. But a big thanks to AV who voted for me, even though we've only read each other's blogs. If you enjoy a well written blog and an interesting perspective, I'd recommend checking out her blog. I enjoy it and I'm sure you will too!

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Shaved is not best....salt 'n pepper is best. Check my site then read 'em 'n weep gentlemen.

Ziss must vork for d vinnink of d contest!!