Saturday, July 14, 2007

Swimming with a little Hawksbill turtle at Lau Lau

Saturday was just an awesome day to dive Lau Lau bay. The recent storm had washed out all the algae and crud that was clouding up visibility. The sand flats were all scrubbed clean and there wasn't any of the algae or gunk covering it up, and visibility was well over 80'. The tide was really low so entry and exit were a breeze and there wasn't much current, just a picture perfect dive day. And there would have been a bunch of beautiful dead shells all over the sand flats, except that my dive buddy Doug did a dive before me Saturday morning and managed to get most of them. That's ok, I got to spend some quality time with the little Hawksbill turtle, and after an experience like that, nothing else really seems to matter. He wasn't the least bit afraid of me, and let me get as close as I wanted to film him and be able to get in nice and close with macro shots.

And then this other video is of a live Strombus Taurus, a shell only found within the Northern Mariana Islands, and because of that fact one that is fairly highly valued and sought after by shell collectors. The animal wasn't real happy that I flipped it's shell up on it's side, so it keeps an eye on me, then comes out and flips his shell over very quickly.


Bree Reynolds said...

i was at lau lau on friday afternoon and saw 3 turtles!

Harry Blalock said...

Very cool Bree, it just seems that's one of the ultimate dive experiences, hanging with turtles.