Saturday, August 4, 2007

Do North & South Dakota Actually Exist?

I'm just about a week shy of my 2 month anniversary of blogging and I've passed a few big milestones. I passed the 1,000 unique visitors mark to my blog this past week, which I was pretty impressed with. And I've had over 6,000 hits to my blog, not bad considering I just talk about cat doors, and diving! I have now had visitors from 55 different countries, 9 Alaskan Provinces, and 48 states. I finally got a couple hits from Alaska last week which I'd been waiting for, 1 in Fairbanks and 1 in Anchorage.

I just can't seem to get any visitors from North or South Dakota. Does anyone still live in either of them? Are they even still states or did they close them down for lack of interest? If anyone does actually still live in North or South Dakota, can you please visit my blog so I can have visitors from all 50 states? If I don't get any hits from those states in the next month, I say we officially declare them non-states for lack of interest. We could just extend Montana, after all I really can't see any valid reason to have speed limits in North or South Dakota if no one lives there anyway. That would put the United States back to 48 states, which would mean all the flags would have to be redone. So in order to avoid that, I propose turning the Upper Penninsula of Michigan into it's own state, since they seem to be more like their own country anyway, that would bring the tally back up to 49. And then I say that the U.S. should grant the Northern Mariana Islands statehood if they really intend on pushing through with all these reforms and takeovers anyway. After all, if New Hampshire gets to be a state, is it really that much of a stretch to think we should be a state as well? But the real reason for giving the CNMI statehood is just so they don't have to throw away all those flags and remove a star. And besides if there is no one left in North or South Dakota anyway, I can vouch for the fact that there are at least a few of us left in the CNMI. I finally got a couple hits in Alaska last week, which I'd been waiting for, one in Fairbanks and one in Anchorage.

I think the whole Best Saipan Blog contest was good for getting me exposure from a lot of different places. Even though Angelo took the links to all of us in the contest off his blog, my hits seemed to soar everytime he did one of his attack blogs against me. Everyone who read it wanted to find out just who Angelo was talking about evidently, so I guess that kind of backfired on him. And by the way, even though he has conceded the contest, I'm still waiting to see our links restored on his blog.

Then one of the other places I've been waiting to get hits from was Russia. My friend Elly Stoilova has recently started a blog about Saipan but written in Russian, it's called Saipanovka. In Russia when a place has "ovka" on the end of the name, it means small or quaint village, so it's really quite appropriate that Elly added ovka to Saipan for the name of her blog. She put a link to my blog on her blog earlier this week, and since then I've had 7 hits from Russia and 1 from Kazakhstan. Very cool that we can network like this with each other and expand our audiences to places we never would have reached otherwise. There is power in having blogs linked to other blogs, linked to other blogs and various webpages. And that's kind of where the whole discussion is heading next Wednesday night at Oleai. So far I've heard from about 15 people who plan on coming, which is a very good start.

More dive pics tomorrow, I promise. Yes I did dive the Grotto today, and yes I did see a couple Halgerda guahan on the rope rock once again. I think I've learned something about the egg ribbons which I'll share tomorrow. Happy weekend everybody!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Yep, they both exist. Great pheasant hunting in the Fall, especially in SD. Also several Sioux reservations and others too.

Maybe we could get your mug up on Mt. Rushmore since you have hit the blogging bigtime, Harry. (Also SD in the Black Hills country). (:-))

Speaking of that Wed meeting: I would like to see, as one of the agenda items, a discussion on the merits of one or more mooring buoys at each of the dive sites CNMI wide. This would be a modest expenditure and makes a HUGE difference in the amount of 'collateral' damage done to the area by anchors.

As moderator, please bring this point up, Harry. TNX

Angelo Villagomez said...

I say we give Texas back to Mexico. That way we wouldn't have to worry about impeaching Bush. We could just deport him.

Jeff said...

All publicity is good publicity.

Jake said...

i called my friend from south dakota to have him visit your blog, but i found out he moved to georgia ... so that doesn't help you.

i love the nudibranchs, by the way. im a biology/marine biology student ... marine invertebrate zoology is what im doing my masters work in. your photos are stunning. makes me love nudi's all the more.