Friday, August 3, 2007

The Heinous Plot Thickens

Now I think we all know that Angelo really wants to win the Best Saipan Blog badly, but now it has gone to an all new level. For the past 2 days I have not been able to upload any pictures to my blog, so I've held off on posting anything new hoping it would start working again. I had a new update on the cat door, which should make you rethink ever installing a cat door, especially if you have any dogs in the house. But I can't do it because I can't post the pictures which you really need to see to understand.

I think we all probably know the real reason people come to my site is because of the pictures. If they just want to hear me babble on and on, they can turn on their radio. I also think it's worth noting here that Angelo doesn't have a radio (the plot thickens). Let's face it, underwater pictures of nudibranchs are cute and amazing, especially if you've never seen them before. And pictures of cats collaborating on how to get more tuna and tuna sauce out of me are mildly entertaining as well. But if you take all that away, you've just got me going on and on and on. And frankly, that gets old fairly quick. And as long as I was able to throw new pictures up on my blog everyday, my percentage was steadily climbing in the Best Blog poll. I kind of feel like I'm Austin Powers and Angelo is Dr. Evil, and he is strategizing over there about how to stop me. Maybe it's the other way around, but in my mind this is how it is going to have to be. So has Angelo paid off Blogger to not accept anymore of my pictures? Can they really be bought off that easily? Did my cats get pissed off that I kept posting their pictures without their permission? Did my dog hear that I was about to expose her evil deeds and she started conspiring with Angelo?

I think you can see this is definitely a desperate situation, and we have a lot of questions that need to be answered. But thanks to all of you who have voted for Harry's World as the Best Saipan Blog, and I promise there will be more pictures on the way just as soon as I get to the bottom of this evil conspiracy.