Monday, August 20, 2007


Sunday morning I ran into Bev diving at the Grotto. The group she was with went their way, and I headed deep, I decided it was time for another natural high. Toward the end of my dive, they all came back to the rope rock as I was photographing some nudibranchs, so I pointed them out to all of them and let them get some pictures of them too. In the parking lot, Bev asked if I was going diving again in the afternoon. That's like asking the ocean if it's going to be wet later in the day. So she joined Doug and I as we dove Lau Lau in the afternoon. I think she was a bit surprised at the way we dive. We ride to Lau Lau together in the truck, put our gear on together, then he heads his direction and I head mine. I realize it's not what they teach in the courses, but it works for us.

Since Bev has been figuring out how to actually use her camera lately, I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop with the Canon wrist accessory fashion model jokes, oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I decided to try finding some cool things for her to take pictures of, so I went out to a spot where I know a Hawksbill turtle hangs out, and sure enough, he was sitting there on the edge of the coral in the picture above. We both approached slowly trying not to spook the turtle. He got up and started swimming slowly down along the deep sand finger. He wasn't in any hurry to get away and provided a lot of great photo opportunities. There is just nothing as cool as swimming alongside a turtle, getting lost in his journey as you become one yourself. This guy seems to hang out in this general vicinity at Lau Lau, so he's used to having me swim with him and take pictures. As we swam with him both taking pictures, he led us to a green sea turtle. You can see the Hawksbill turtle in the top of the picture and the green sea turtle on the sand toward the bottom of the picture. Having two turtles in the same picture was very cool for me, especially since one was a Hawksbill and the other a green sea turtle. The green came up from his napping spot and nearly ran into me. I wasn't sure whether to take pictures or try avoiding the collision. You can guess what I chose. I don't think he actually hit me, but there wasn't much space between us as he veered off just at the last moment. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon dive with the turtles. We swam with them for a while, just letting them do their thing and taking pictures. Then we wandered off in search of other cool critters. We found some, but that will have to wait for another blog.


Jake said...

i love the pics of the turtles, especially being able to see the markings on the green's shell. great shots.

Bev said...

awesome dive Harry. I should of taken a video clip of that green sea turtle that quickly came out of its hiding! it happened so fast! You went one way and I went with the other! good times. we gotta get kelli underwater!