Monday, September 24, 2007

Kelli's New Big Rack

There were any number of things I could have started out talking about this week, but I decided to talk about something that has my wife totally excited. There comes a time in life where you realize that yes, you can just be content with the equipment you've been given, but that doesn't always stop you from dreaming about what if.... And of course what guy isn't proud of his wife with a new bigger rack? I mean let's be honest for a minute here, yes, having a new big rack is great and all, but if you just leave it tucked away in the "closet" all the time, what is the point? Sure it still serves its purpose and brings you pleasure, but if you're honest with yourself you have to admit that half of the fun is showing it off too! Who doesn't like to inspire a little bit of rack envy once in a while?

Now I realize that to many of you who know Kelli, you never would have thought she would have ever thought about such things. But the truth is, yes, even Kelli has thought about what life would be like if she had a bigger rack. And being the supportive husband that I am, of course I only wanted anything that would make my wife happier. The bigger rack was completely for her happiness, I'm just glad that it makes her so happy.

Now being a guy to the core, I also realized that if she got a new rack, it might induce a case of rack envy among some of her female friends. Because once you've finally got a bigger rack, half the fun is showing it off, right? Well, we had a dinner party at our house Saturday night and had several friends over. Kelli was so busy getting the food ready at first that she had forgotten about her new big rack for a few minutes. So after a little reminder from yours truly, I got her to open up and show off that gorgeous new rack. And there you have it, Kelli's new big rack in her food pantry. What, you thought I was talking about something else?


Unknown said...

Nice rack (also a title of a favorite series of mine ;)! Hahaha! I did some house cleaning this weekend and put up three new bookshelves that worked wonders in organizing my stuff. Living five years in a studio, you'd accumulate lots of junk.

Bev said...

Dang, she's stacked! haha You guys are so funny when you said check out her rack!

Anonymous said...

I wish my wife had a rack like that!