Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunny Skies and Calm Water

After an exceptionally wet week last week it was good to see the sun finally shining Saturday morning. When I looked out my front window I could still huge waves still crashing on the reef on the west side of the island. Since I knew that the storm that brought all the nasty weather was now over by the Philippines somewhere, I was hoping that meant that all the big waves would be confined to the west side of the island, making a Lau Lau dive possible. Semona & Zandra both called me on Friday asking if they could tag along on my Saturday morning dive. Having one of them laughing at me and cracking jokes is bad enough, but why I ever agreed to let them both go on the same dive and team up together is something I still can't figure out why I did. Here you see them acting like a couple Prima Donna's on the tailgate of my pickup before the dive. When we got to Lau Lau, the parking area was packed full, the only available spot was the one right in front of the port a pot, just my luck. But then I saw why the parking lot was so full, the water was dead calm, there was barely a ripple washing over the reef line. I really wasn't trying to get the shot to look like Semona has a fish head, it was just one of those things. I almost deleted it when I saw it on the viewfinder, but then I thought, nah I could have some fun with that picture. However it might have been more appropriate if I was the one who had a fish head since Kelli says she thinks I'm over half fish anyway, but I really don't like having my picture taken, so that's not too likely. Semona thought she had a pet fish who was following her around for a while. It was just a great day to be underwater, visibility was surprisingly good considering how rowdy the water had been earlier in the week, and there was absolutely no current. Now if someone had asked me last week if it was possible to be too comfortable under water I would have said no way, now I'm not so sure. I was cruising over the coral looking for turtles when I looked back and there was no one behind me. Now considering the fact that I was supposed to have 2 girls following me, that wasn't the kind of discovery I was too excited about. So I peeked back over the edge of the coral only to find Semona sleeping on the sand. She claimed later she was just pretending, but it seemed like she was drooling in her sleep, you be the judge. Anyway, I was glad to see she was feeling that comfortable, but a little disappointed that she would be that bored with the dive. They both seemed to have a great time just cruising over the sand flats looking under the ledges seeing what they could find. We went out over the deep sand finger in search of turtles, but didn't see any. There was a boat anchored right above one of the sand fingers, and with all the divers that day I suspect the turtles went to a less frequented part of Lau Lau. Here you see Zandra checking out the big anemone that is attached to the pipeline. There are a couple little cleaner shrimp that hang out here and take care of the various fish that come by for a "cut & a shave". I put 100 cu. ft. tanks on both of them so we all got good length dives in. Semona managed to get in 80 minutes before I took her back and got her out. Zandra still had a little over 1000 lbs left so I took her back into the shallow sand finger for a while, we finally came up with just under 2 hours in for our dive. There is nothing like a great Saturday morning dive to start your weekend off on the right foot!

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