Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Awesome Investment

This morning on the talkshow, Angelo Villagomez brought in a few guests to talk about Beautify CNMI Micronesia Challenge Summer Camp that is going on right now. This is not one of those summer camps that takes place at some posh resort where the campers play polo, eat crepes and are only worried about what each other is wearing. This is a camp put together on a shoestring budget, by a few very resourceful individuals, with lots of help from the community. One of the people helping put the camp on is Bree Reynolds, the science teacher at Hopwood Junior High School. No, she's not getting paid for it, but she is being rewarded by seeing some very bright young students being turned on to environmental awareness. It's called a labor of love.

They brought a couple of the campers, Sammy and Zoe, in to talk to me on the radio about what they've learned, and what they think of the camp so far. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, or I could have put some pictures up here of these beautiful young ladies in the studio with me. Maybe with any luck, Angelo, Walt or Bree will e-mail me some of the pictures they took and I can post them here. But in the meantime, I figured since they are talking about the environment anyway, why not post a few more dive pics, after all, it's part of the coral reef that we did talk about this morning.

Tasi Tours has graciously donated the use of a van and a driver to the camp this week to help transport the campers to the various sites they are visiting. And then as soon as we got off the air, I got a call from Ed Salas who works with the Tan Holdings group of companies, asking if they could help out by taking care of lunch today for all the campers. So instead of peanut butter and jelly today, the campers are getting omelets, fried rice and other assorted dishes from Shirley's restaurant. It's amazing what can be accomplished when we all pitch in and help out in worthwhile endeavours such as this one.

After the talkshow, the campers stayed behind and recorded some public service announcements they wrote themselves about protecting our environment. They also recorded a song about beautifying the CNMI, and I believe the words and music to the song are all their own original creation as well. You'll be hearing the psa's and the song quite a bit on KZMI 103.9 FM, and KCNM 101.1 FM. I was just totally impressed with these young environmentalists and wanted to let them know they're on the right track. And I wanted to thank Angelo and Bree for making an awesome investment into the future of our islands by creating environmental awareness in this bright young bunch.

And then I do have just one question - Bree, why isn't your blog listed on the We Love Saipan page?