Friday, June 29, 2007

If you've been checking out the We Love Saipan website lately, you've seen a few new additions of testimonials and their blogs. One of them I've been checking on regularly is Connie's, it's two testimonials below mine. You can go to it at and there you will see some of her awesome copper wire creations. I was attracted to them right away because she had a couple figures of scuba divers, complete with the tank on their back, and fins on. And just for the record, no Connie is not responsible for the rash of copper wire thefts. She gets it from old junk cars, airconditioners, fans, anything that has copper wire in it. She recycles the old wire and turns it into works of art. I saw this particular piece on her blog and commented that I really liked it, and wondered if she was selling them. The next thing I knew she had her husband drop it off at my office as a gift for me. I think it looks right at home surrounded by the sea shells I've found on some of my dives. She even managed to spell out Saipan in the copper wire. And then on the left side of the picture is a little copper wire stonefish. The picture below is a real stonefish I saw on a night dive at Lau Lau.

She said that my underwater pictures had inspired her to do some underwater scenes. So here something that I do just for the fun of it, has actually inspired someone else to create something very cool. In appreciation for her copper wire sculpture, I gave Connie one of my framed stonefish pictures, it's the one above actually. I'm hoping it continues to inspire her to come up with all kinds of new creations. Connie hasn't tried selling any of her creations yet, but I'm sure that's only a matter of time. She had no idea how to go about pricing, so I've given her a few ideas to go on, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to one of these days see a gallery of Connie's creations.

I think it's very cool though how blogging has allowed two people to connect, who probably wouldn't have otherwise, and you just never know what will come of it. I'm hoping that my pictures continue to inspire Connie and that she'll be coming up with all kinds of amazing island treasure creations. I have many times in my life wished I had the kind of talent to create things the way she does. I'm afraid I was passed over in that department, but I was given the ability to dive and capture some of it on film to hopefully inspire others. We each have our unique purpose, the key is identifying it and then maximizing it. I'm thinking there are a lot more people out there with a gift of writing, who can either educate us or just make us laugh. Blogs are free and are very easy to do, I'm living proof.

Thanks for the diver Connie, he is proudly swimming among the shells on my desk, and keep on creating, you've got an awesome gift!