Saturday, June 30, 2007

I promised a couple days ago that I would try to get some of the pictures of the students who came on my talkshow Thursday morning and post them here, since I didn't have acces to them when I wrote about it. Sami is in the blue shirt on my left side, Zoe is on my right side, she has the really long hair, and the girl on my far left just traveled here by sailboat with her parents. They are Australian, went to Japan to buy the boat, and now they are in the process of sailing the boat back down to Australia. Many thanks to for allowing me to use these pictures on my website. You can also go there and see them.

This is Mylene and Sami, they did some very creative public service announcements for Beautify CNMI which you'll be hearing a lot of on the radio stations. You can actually click on this link to take you to their website where you can also listen to the psa's. By the way, they were written by the students themselves from the information they have learned in the camp this year. Now that's putting their newly acquired knowledge to use right away. Angelo was the one who came up with the idea of having the campers write and record their own psa's using the knowledge they learned from camp. Great concept! By the way, Angelo did a cool little video clip on You Tube using the audio from the psa's, definitely worth watching.

And this is the group that wrote and recorded the Beautify CNMI song, I was totally impressed with the song, and love hearing it on the radio. You can also go to Angelo's website to listen to the song. In this picture are Hope, Ann, Rose and Zoe. I'm hoping that these girls are so inspired by having their own song play on the radio, that they'll keep writing more songs about the environment and our islands and that I can put those on the radio too. What an awesome group of students, I hope you enjoy listening to them on the radio as much as I do, because I think we're going to be hearing a lot more from all of them in the coming days.

Zoning in Garapan

What you are looking at are cut up shipping containers, the big ones they actually load onto ships. They are made of steel, which has a tendency to rust fairly quickly in this tropical air. They work well for storage, and you can even convert them into small buildings. We have converted one into a transmitter building that we have in the tower compound up on Mount Topachou, it works just fine for that, but the key is that it's in a walled compound that you can't see unless you're on the top of Mount Topachou looking down on the compound, so then all you really see is the roof.

These containers are on a very visible corner right in the heart of Saipan's tourist district. It is right across the street from Capricciosa, and right on Beach Road. The business that is leasing this used to have some bright yellow tents set up, that was their version of a building. Now they have decided to upgrade to a container building. Now if they were doing this somewhere in the jungle or on some secluded backroad, I doubt many people would care about their container building. But because they are doing it right on Beach Road, and in the heart of the tourist district, it's not going over very well.

I got a press release from Steve Tilley, the Zoning Administrator, announcing that he had cited this business with a notice of violation for not getting a zoning permit, and not getting proper building permits. They face fines of $1,000 per offense per day. I was very glad to hear that the Zoning Board is on top of this situation and is not allowing this to turn into a shanty town.