Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

I had a hard time deciding what to call today's entry. I was torn between "Who is the psycho" and 4th of July. In a self protective mode, I chose the latter. Our 4th of July celebration usually has to include some kind of fireworks, and this year I just happened to find some called Redneck Rockets. Now you're probably wondering why I have that big plume of flames attached to my arm. Well if you'll look on the other side of the wall, you'll see my psychotic dog Emma looking very fascinated with the fireworks, which gives her my vote for who is truly the psycho.

Normally Emma is afraid of almost everyone. Well, either that or she just doesn't like anyone else very much. She will growl and bark when anyone other than family comes up to the house, in good watchdog fashion. But even after she has found out that they are our friends, she still keeps her distance and doesn't really want to let anyone get too close to her. Now we have always chalked it up to her being afraid of her own shadow. But when fireworks are present, she transforms into a wild eyed psycho that does everything she can to try and catch it. We learned this lesson last year when one of the rockets hit a tree and fell back to the ground before going off. She was already chasing it, and then attacked it when it hit the ground before exploding. She was biting and shaking the stick when it went off, and it didn't seem to faze her in the least, she couldn't wait to try catching another one, she thought it was great fun. Fortunately we were able to keep her from catching anymore, but if we light them on the ground or anywhere that she can get to them, she will attack them. That would be the reason that I have to hold a bottle and light them while holding the bottle. And now you know the reason behind the question of who is the real psycho. I was actually having to pushing her down earlier to keep her from taking the rocket out of my hand.

But we also have some tamer celebrations, such as the flag cake that Kelli and Sarah enjoy making, and I enjoy eating. Of course after buying fresh strawberries to put on it from one of the local stores, it was about $3 a piece for the cake, but oh well. We had a few good friends over and just celebrated quietly, well except for Emma that is. And many thanks to Greg Moretti for actually remembering to take some pictures. I'm usually so busy barbecuing the burgers, then eating and lighting off fireworks that I totally forget about pictures. We all survived the 4th, and Emma can't wait for another occasion with fireworks. Personally, I can't wait for another flag cake, but at $7.75 for a small container of strawberries, it will probably be a while.