Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Not a Canon Commercial, But It Should Be!

I happen to love my Canon camera. It's small, easy to use, designed for camera ignoramuses like myself, and it has a very cool underwater housing so I can take it diving and bring all the images of my dives back with me. Now let me say right off the bat, I'm not being paid for this Canon commercial or being given any equipment in exchange for it. It's not that I'm not willing to take money or cameras for it, it's just that Canon hasn't offered so far. So Canon if you ever wake up and realize that I'm one of your most valuable users and referrers, please feel free to offer whatever money or cameras you see fit to offer me. And by the way, our lovely Canon diving model for this non-commercial is Bev Cabanatan, or Bubbles. Yes, that is her in the top picture with her Canon dangling beautifully from her wrist, but more on that later.

In fact, not only do I love my Canon camera, but Greg also loved it so much he bought one after he lost his Fujifilm digital camera on a boat in Rota. Of course he had to outdo me a little bit so he bought one that was a generation newer, and had more megapixels. Yes, Greg loved his camera too and actually got to use it on a couple dives before the unthinkable happened. He went on a night dive, which I wasn't invited on, and when he jumped into the water, he didn't have it attached to his wrist, and he lost his second camera in a couple weeks time. Now I was thinking Karma may have had something to do with this unfortunate mishap, but that's just me, I probably watch too much Earl on tv. Here you see our lovely underwater model Bev once again showing just how stylish you too can look with a Canon camera dangling from your wrist on a dive. I guess I should explain how Bev became the official Canon wrist accessory dive model. Well, while Greg was sad that he had lost two underwater digital cameras in just a couple weeks time, he was certainly not about to give up underwater photography and just have to look at my pictures. So he ordered another Canon, the exact same model as he just lost on the night dive. But this time he convinced Bev that she too could look cool if she had a Canon camera hanging on her wrist during a dive, so they ordered them together. Now at this point it's fuzzy whether Greg showed her pictures to convince her to buy the camera, or just told her that she would look awesome with one hanging from her wrist. But does it really matter? Certainly not for this story it doesn't!

So if any Canon representatives are paying attention here, this is the 3rd camera I sold for you in the short span of a few weeks. I'm thinking at least a little commission would be nice, but I digress. I had the privilege of going with Bev on her first dive with her new camera a few weeks ago. Now if you ever see me underwater with my camera, you will see one flash after another pretty much in non-stop succession. Bev took like 6 pictures, and we won't say how many of those actually turned out. She says she was distracted, could it have been from all the nudibranch mating going on? Greg has his own theories on why she was distracted, but you'll have to ask Bev if you want to hear that theory. As for me, I don't think she was distracted at all. I think it's all part of her plan to get a gig being a dive model for Canon underwater cameras. She doesn't really want to use the thing, she just wants Canon to pay her for looking fabulous with their camera dangling from her wrist. In the picture above, Bev demonstrates that you can actually use the camera to take pictures, well almost. She makes it look like she is going to take a picture, but you'll notice she isn't looking at the camera, well not her camera anyway.

Now if she really got the camera to take underwater pictures, don't you think you'd be seeing all kinds of cool new dive pics popping up on her blog? Yup, me too, and I've been going to her blog every single day checking to see if there are any dive pics, but nada. So just more proof that Bev is trying to get to Canon before I do to wrangle some money out of them for being such an outstanding underwater model. So unless Canon happens to think I'm funny, or rewards loyalty, I'm sunk. Bev looks way better underwater with that fancy wrist accessory. Heck, Bev even looks great doing her safety stop on the rope with her stylish Canon camera hanging dutifully from her wrist. I don't stand a chance, do I Canon? And by the way, I didn't take any of these pics of Bev with her stylish Canon wrist accessory, those are all courtesy of Greg. They went on another boat dive together, that once again I wasn't invited on. There is a story about kisses being given out on the boat, and that was the reason I wasn't invited. I don't know, if you want to hear the facts you should probably ask Bev. If you want a few more laughs, ask Greg or I. There is good news though, Bev's camera does seem to get some use on dry land, she takes pictures of her friends and the cookies she made, which I didn't get any of. But at least this way I could look at them and drool - thanks Bev!