Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Confirmed - I Inspire Nudibranch Sex

I went out diving on Bruce's boat Sunday with Bruce & Jeff. Although I don't know why I'm putting a link to Jeff's blog after what he did to me. Come to think of it, I don't know why I didn't turn his air off down there when I had the chance. A day late and a dollar short, seems to be my theme. We were going to go dive Naftan, but due to a steering malfunction, we settled for diving the Chin Sen Mauru, it was much easier on my butt that way. I'm not even going to attempt to tell this whole story right now, because I know that Jeff plans on having some fun with it, so I'll let him do his damage first.

So while we were diving the shipwreck, I was poking around underneath a portion of the wreckage, and what did I come across but a pair of very "friendly" nudibranchs. Now I didn't catch these two in the act, but their rhinopores were very red when I first spotted them. I think that's basically the equivalent of catching them with their pants down. But what are the chances of one person running into so many frisky nudibranchs, unless he somehow inspires their behavior. Ok, the odds might be running a bit in my favor just because of the sheer volume of hours I spend underwater, but still. I didn't see any Halgerda guahan or malesso on this trip, but then again I really wouldn't have expected to find them at the shipwreck. If I had, many more scientific conclusions could be drawn, but for now, we'll just have to settle for the fact that I do indeed inspire the gelatinous little casanovas to make amorous overtures to each other. It's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I also found some live Tiger Cowries as I was wiggling around in holes that probably haven't had any sane people in them in a very long time. The one above had a very unique growth line going across it that almost looks like train tracks. I have no idea what would have made such a marking, but it definitely set this Tiger apart. I always love getting the chance to take pictures of them as they are such a beautiful creation. And yes, they are all still there, so just calm down. This guy was cruising across the sand in one of the dark recesses of the shipwreck. It's amazing some of the tight spots I can manage to get my big tank and body wiggled into. So far I've always managed to get wiggled back out. But if one of these days I don't come back from a dive, I'd start by looking for me in all the really tight little spots that I should never be going in. That seems to be where all the cool stuff hangs out. I thought it was very cool getting some shots of this Tiger Cowrie with his mantle covering most of his shell, and his pappilae showing. Don't worry, they are nothing x-rated, just those long spiky looking things with the white tips. I think it's what they use to move themselves along.

There will also undoubtedly be more stories that will have to be told about the Sunday diving blogger adventure, like the true story about why Bev didn't show up, and why Greg didn't take her spot. And I'm sure there will also have to be some damage control after Jeff spins his wayward tale about the days events as well. So at this point, I'm going to post a couple pictures for Jeff to steal, and I won't be commenting on them at this point. All in good time, all in good time.

And by the way, regarding rumors that the nameless one and I have made up and were actually seen hugging in public, you might want to bid on that picture - it's a priceless one. And yes, we did have a nice conversation, no slaps were exchanged or even harsh words. And now the nameless one is no longer linkless, progress indeed!