Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Saipan Some Have Never Seen!

I have no idea what this thing is, but it was on the underside of some of the wreckage on the Chin Sen Muaru. At first I thought it was some kind of a clam or an oyster, but now that I see the pictures on the computer I don't think it is. I find so many cool and interesting things down there I'm just continually amazed. There are those people out there who think I eat, drink and breathe politics and discussing the weightier issues facing the Commonwealth. And yes, if you catch me out and about and want to discuss those things, I will usually oblige, but it's not what I want to talk about. I would much rather swap diving stories and talk about all the cool things we have discovered down there. The other one is my day job, and frankly, I usually get enough of that during the day to last me until the next day. At heart, I'm really nothing more than a dive bum! If you drilled a hole in my head and looked inside, it would be full of orange sea sponges, blue starfish, exotic & ornate sea shells, and a few nudibranchs crawling around. Seriously, that's really what's in there! If you want to see my eyes light up and sparkle, ask me what I saw diving last weekend, or about my pictures. I ran into someone yesterday at the Rotary meeting who has lived here her entire life. She commented that she thought my pictures were amazing, and she has never seen such things before. She wondered where I took them all. When I told her that each and every one of them was right here on Saipan, she was shocked. She had no idea that all these beautiful, colorful, ornate things were in the water surrounding us. That just tells me one thing, we as divers have not done a good enough job bringing back the wonders of what we see to share with those who haven't discovered the passion of diving yet. The best way to do that is through pictures. You can talk til you're blue in the face, but yet it won't come close to describing just how vivid the blue color is on this starfish. There is simply no way to capture the beauty and incredible diversity underwater without showing it for what it is using pictures. I'll let the liberals keep bashing each other over the head with their blogs, frankly I've got better things to talk about. I would much rather bring the treasures of the deep back up to share with the world on my blog. Just from some of the comments I've received, I know that I have already dramatically altered some people's perception of what is down there. They have seen things they never knew existed, and they have gone to a world they never would have gotten to any other way. That means I have accomplished what I set out to with my blog.