Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Friday - Almost Dive Time!

This is Don , the latest victim of Axe Murderer Tours Inc. I told him I was taking his picture just in case we lost track of him on the night dive so at least we had a picture of him. In my own defense, it was said with a half smirk on my face. He was on Saipan this past week for some work related projects and figured as long as he was here, he really should go for a couple dives. He was on Guam for quite a while, so it turns out we have mutual friends or dive buddies. So Bob arranged to have Don go diving with Doug & I while he was on Saipan. You might be wondering what kind of friends would set up their friends on a dive outing with Axe Murderer Tours, but that's a question I can't answer. Axe Murderer Tours Inc. is usually ready to oblige at a moments notice, especially if it means getting wet. So we took Don on an afternoon dive in the Grotto. We were thinking that we might have time to get in 2 afternoon dives and then a night dive as well. Only problem with that plan is that one of us spent so much time underwater on his first dive, that we didn't really have time to squeeze in 2 afternoon dives, and still get out tanks filled for a night dive. And since I'm not the kind to tattle, especially on myself, we won't mention who that inconsiderate diver was.

If you're on the full package with Axe Murderer Tours, that means that you get the deluxe treatment. No, I'm still not charging, but it's the principle of the thing. So after our Grotto dive, we took Don to Big Dipper for some ice cream. I realized that we still had another dive to do and some time to kill before we did it, so I planned accordingly, I only had a regular ice cream cone. Don decided to go for the banana split, I was just smiling.

Then after getting our tanks filled, we still had about an hour and a half to kill to let it get dark enough for a night dive, and since Don was on the deluxe tour package we had to take him to Oleai Beach Bar & Grill. We decided that even though we just had ice cream, this was going to be as close to dinner as we were going to get that day, so we ordered some chicken taquitos and french fries. Don expressed a little concern when I ordered the chicken taquitos, saying he didn't do well with Italian or Mexican food before a dive. I assured him there weren't any Mexicans cooking it therefore it couldn't really be considered Mexican, and besides he just had that banana split which should coat his stomach. It's what's called Harry logic, if you're not familiar with it, I'd be happy to explain it to you sometime. He did have to admit the taquitos were delicious, and of course the grease from the french fries and then the grease from the taquitos should have greased the skids to avoid any problems, again Harry logic.

So since I played tour guide at the Grotto, I figured it was time for Doug to earn his keep by keeping track of Don on the night dive. It doesn't matter that no one was getting paid for anything, that's not really the point. Plus I figured the banana split, chicken taquitos and french fries might be having some ill effects on Don's poor stomach, so I figured if somebody had to bring him back in early, it should be Doug. Sure enough, it wasn't long before the chicken taquitos started fighting with the banana split, and Don had to call it quits. I was happily oblivious just enjoying my night dive. Now you can see why we can't charge anything for Axe Murderer Tours. We don't usually let customer satisfaction get in the way with our own dive satisfaction, it's an unofficial motto of ours. As soon as I jumped in the water, I saw this little decorator crab, do you see him? They cover themselves with little pieces of shell, rock, whatever is handy for camouflage. They are usually very hard to spot unless you see them moving, which fortunately he was doing. This is the sort of thing you rarely ever see on a day dive though, which is one more of the reasons I love night diving so much. Next thing I saw was this Maculifera cowrie crawling along the walls in one of the swimthrough tunnels. I just sat there watching him for a while enjoying the beauty of the shell and the way he moved using his mantle and pappilae. He's still down there crawling through all his little holes and passageways, but I sure enjoyed the time we spent together. Then Doug came cruising by and showed me this auger shell with a couple other organisms attached to the outside of it, very cool looking and made for a great picture. He was on his way in because his air was running out, but I still had plenty so I was in no hurry. At this point my camera stopped working properly and I wasn't able to take anymore pictures. And wouldn't you know it, that's when I saw a 50' giant killer squid. Yeah, sorry I couldn't get any pictures of it since the camera wasn't working, but it will definitely be going into the Axe Murderer Tours official brochure to promote our tours. I think we can pretty much guarantee that you will see one on every night dive you go on with us. Are you beginning to see why we can't charge for our services? No, there was no giant squid, but wouldn't it have been cool if there was? The thing is, even the average, ordinary run of the mill stuff you see on a night dive is absolutely amazing. And as long as you're wise enough not to eat chicken taquitos after a banana split, you might even get to see them. I guess maybe I should include that information in our new brochure for Axe Murderer Tours as well. Oh well, we've got a ways to go, but we're sure having fun in the meantime. And here it is the weekend almost, time to go diving again!