Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mini-Me Diver

Connie brought me over another of her wire diver creations. She called this one cave diver on her blog, and I'll be darned if it's not almost a dead ringer for me. He has a flashlight dangling from his wrist, and it even looks just like my flashlight. You can see his weightbelt with a weight attached, and dive knife attached to his leg. He has big black fins, a camera hanging in front of him, a dive computer, a mask and a light attached to his head. When I look at the detail she puts into her wire creations I'm absolutely amazed. And this is all done by hand, painstakingly winding and shaping it just right to get the desired effect. This diver even has twin tanks on his back, I only use one but I can stay down as long as if I had 2, so I figure it counts. Then she even crafted me a little sign for Harry's World! Just how cool is that? So thanks to Connie my desk is looking more amazing than ever. And is it art that imitates life or life that imitates art? You will notice that in the first picture, my little diver dude was looking off to the left at a shell. Yes, that certainly sounds familiar. But then it got really spooky. The next time I looked the little diver was laying there on the desk staring in the fish bowl at Ralph, my pet fighting fish, but what was even more amazing was that Ralph was staring back. If there had been a nudibranch in the fishbowl, it would have just been way too Twilight Zone. But this is what convinced me that this is indeed my Mini-Me. And I swear at point I even saw him trying to get his camera into just the right position. I also have another fish on my desk, it is a Tetra that my daughter brought me, I named it Tempy, which is short for temporary. I was hoping he would die off fairly soon so that I could get another fighting fish and have them go at it next to each other in their separate bowls. But Tempy doesn't seem to understand that he was supposed to be temporary and will probably wind up outliving me. If I come in one day and Tempy is missing, and Mini-Me has a little bbq pit made with my incense sticks, I guess we'll know that art truly does imitate life, or vise versa. Does it really matter?

So thanks Connie, my desk is turning into a very cool underwater habitat even though it's perfectly dry. Unless Tempy jumps out as I'm trying to change his water and gets everything wet. It's almost like he knows his name is Tempy and what that means.