Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Old Dive Pictures

It's amazing how much things change in 11 years. I gave an old computer to a friend of mine who thought he could fix it and get it working for his classroom. I told him I had some dive logs and some pictures on it that I wanted if he could recover them. Fortunately he was able to save them for me and just gave them to me this past weekend. It's always fun looking back at pictures you haven't seen for a long time and reliving memories. One of the first things I noticed was that the old 35 mm pictures that I used to take back then don't look anywhere near as good as the new digital ones I can take now. The next thing I noticed was that back then I actually used to wear a wetsuit. I don't really know why, maybe it's just because I came from Michigan and there you have to wear a wetsuit just to go in a backyard pool. Maybe it's because I saw all the tourists wearing them and figured I probably should wear one too. I'm glad that's a habit I've gotten out of. Speaking of habit's I'm glad I've gotten out of, I see that I still had hair back then. Diving with a shaved head is so much more convenient, I seriously doubt I'll ever go back to having hair. Yes, it is a choice for me. And look Mike, I even managed to find a 50 year old FAMB down there. In fact, I think that bottle is still there. I've done a few dives out near the shipwreck in the lagoon with Bruce lately. I told him about this old machine gun that was sitting on it's pivot on the sand. We have looked all over for it and haven't managed to find it yet. I think maybe he was thinking my Alzheimer's was acting up again, or that I had an overactive imagination, but now I have my old pictures to prove it was at least there 11 years ago. I'm hoping it is still out there, but so far we haven't been able to find it. This is the one I used to shoot the tourists on the submarine tour with. I have no idea how many Japanese and Chinese pictures I'm in, but if I had a dollar for every one I could probably retire.

At this point, I should probably do some damage control as something absolutely horrible happened over the weekend. There was a very old videotape that was broken, and I had hoped had molded beyond the point of being salvagable that resurfaced. It was back from my country radio days, I was in Nashville at the Country Radio Music Awards. One of the hospitality suites in the Opryland Hotel had a mini studio set up where you could do your own music video. Since I had time to kill and didn't think about the fact that this video could come back to haunt me 20 years later, I went ahead and did a music video. There was a collaboration of evil people at my house Sunday night who decided to fix the video and see if it still worked. I wasn't worried, nothing lasts for 20 years out in this humidity and climate. But then much to my horror, there it was playing on the screen. So just in case anyone approaches you offering to sell you a copy of this pirated video, it's highly overrated. I pretty much look exactly the same as I do now, but the video techniques back then weren't nearly what they are now. So just smile at the blackmailers and say no thank you, you'll be glad you did. Just some friendly advice from one dive dog to another.