Monday, September 10, 2007

Why Is This Hard All The Sudden?

I don't know why it's all the sudden so hard trying to figure out what I should talk about. I guess it's because I'm just waiting to be bashed for the next thing. And I've come to realize that I'm not the only one who is feeling it. I ran into someone the other day at the dive shop, she said she wanted to go on the dive forum and ask some questions about something she saw diving, but she was afraid to now for fear of being attacked or criticized for doing something wrong, so she instead chose to not say anything. She said because of the way people talked and treated each other in the forum, she was reluctant to use it. I can totally relate. I'm not using the forum anymore, not attending any of the dive group meetings or functions and I've made my blog private, and yet I'm still paranoid about what is going to happen next. Just for the record, that is never what I had envisioned for the dive group, which is probably naivete on my part, but I really had looked at it as a positive thing. Sad, but such is life I guess.

Anyway, let's see if I can manage to shake loose from all that and get back in the groove. I picked up Brad and Jeong-ah at the airport last Thursday and welcomed them to the Saipan chapter of their lives. I realize that the taxi association is probably the next one that will be saying nasty things about me. After all, if I hadn't picked them up, some taxi would have just made $25 or $30 just for running them from the airport to their hotel. But since when does every single little thing have to be about making money? Can't people just do things for one another to be nice anymore? I guess maybe I look at things differently than most people, but I still believe in going out of my way to help somebody else, and I still like to treat people the way I would like to be treated myself. Maybe that does make me an out of date dinosaur, I don't know.

So we got Brad and Jeong-ah situated into a hotel and got them a rental car. Then I got a list of houses and apartments for rent from the Bargain Basket at the station. We took them out to dinner at the Hyatt for their first night on Saipan and got to know them a little bit. It's always fun making new friends and getting to know them. But as usual, I didn't have my camera with me, so you can't see any pictures of them here yet.

Kelli had decided a few weeks ago that she was going to go diving last Saturday because of the group dive that Marianas Dive had organized. But since I didn't really feel like my presence would be a good idea at the group dive, we decided to go to Lau Lau at 9 am that morning. I took a big chunk of my shell collection, and deposited it back in the water at Lau Lau. I figured maybe it would give the tourists and the people on the fun dive something to look at. I dumped quite a few of the shells on one of the ropes, and then I took a bunch more out to various other spots and deposited them. Kelli seemed to have no problems getting right back into diving. She got certified for her 40th birthday, but hasn't gone on a single dive since finishing her certification course. She thought it was just too much work hauling her tanks in and out of the water and getting the gear all ready. But of course I got everything ready for her and tried to make things as easy as possible. We stopped and bought her a new frameless mask first, I really wanted this to be as comfortable as possible for her. Then I had her use my split jet fins, I wanted it to be as easy on her legs as possible. She just loves having the fish come up to her and seeing them all up close and personal. Of course Lau Lau is a great spot for that as the one group of fish mobs you as you're going out the rope. I took her out to about 60', she didn't have any problems at all clearing, and she had her neutral buoyancy perfect so she didn't have to really work at anything, there was no current. We were just putzing around, not really in a hurry to get anywhere, and I was letting her explore and check out anything she wanted. She did realize she was a bit out of shape as she tried getting out of the water, but no big deal. I think she really enjoyed it and will be going with me occasionally now. We both know she will never turn into a dive fanatic like I am, but that's ok, I'd enjoy just having her go occasionally with me if that's what she's comfortable with.

There are more pictures I could post, but I'm going to leave that for Kelli, you'll have to read her blog if you want to find out more about her dive.