Thursday, September 13, 2007

Milestones for Harry's World

Now this turtle doesn't really have anything to do with my topic today, but what would my blog be without some pictures of underwater critters? I saw this green sea turtle at Lau Lau the other day when I was checking out the nudibranch egg masses with Mike Tripp. I also took along a visitor, Dr. Catherine Ammon from Switzerland, who is currently living on the island of Pohnpei. And some of my conversations with her will probably lead to another blog entry, possibly later today.

But I noticed the other day that I had posted my 100th blog entry, which is nothing when compared to some bloggers who have been doing this a long time, but I felt it was fairly significant for me. Right around the same time I passed the 10,000 visitor mark. And I know, some people get that many hits per day, or even per hour, but I'm still amazed at the number of people who are interested in looking at my pictures and reading about my diving exploits. I also went over 1,800 unique visitors around the same time, also fairly significant for a rambling dive bum.

I'll admit I was a bit disgusted with certain people who just seem to want to criticize everything a week or two ago, and was just going to shut my blog down to the public permanently. I just really didn't want to have to deal with the crap. But then the e-mails started rolling in. I had people telling me that they lived out their fantasies of living on a tropical island and diving through my blog. It was their daily escape from reality to be able to head off to Saipan for a dive with me. I had people contact me from New York, Washington, California, Oregon, Greece, Italy and several other places. I know that not everyone who looks at my blog is impressed with it, and that's fine they don't have to read it. But there are those out there that seem to really enjoy the diving pictures and my ramblings about nudibranchs and my dive adventures. So after the prodding of a couple of my favorite thorn in the sides out here, I realized that I could easily just discard the jerks messages and let those who enjoy the blog continue to do so.

After just over 3 months of blogging I've had readers in every state expect North Dakota, which has led me to conclude that North Dakota has been abandoned for a lack of interest, but someone forgot to notify the map and state makers. They should probably just lump it together with South Dakota and call it Dakota. If I ever get an actual visitor from North Dakota, I'll drop my campaign to abolish it, but first I have to be convinced there is anyone actually living there.

Now as impressive as it was for me to have readers in every state except for the one that I suspect has been abandoned, it was even more impressive for me to realize I have readers in 66 countries. I'm going to list them out because I have certainly learned a lot about geography and some little countries I didn't even know existed. I have had visitors from the United States, Korea, the Philippines, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Romania, Russian Federation, South Africa, Thailand, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, Israel, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, Turkey, Barbados, Brazil, Iran, Nepal, Kenya, Peru, Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Egypt, Portugal, Mexico, France, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Nigeria, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Columbia, Serbia and Montenegro, Argentina, Cote D'Ivorie, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Kazhakstan, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Armenia, Grenada, Netherlands Antilles and Costa Rica.

Again, I realize this isn't impressive at all compared to some other blogs out there, but I'm guessing that more than a few of the readers from these various countries heard about Saipan and the Northern Mariana Islands for the first time by reading my blog. I've had many comments to that effect in the past, so I think that is pretty cool. You know that I'll keep diving, taking pictures, and for the time being I'll keep telling my stories right here as well. So thanks to all of you who took the time to contact me and let me know that you enjoy Harry's World. And to those of you who don't, as Angelo would say, you can ..... Well, maybe you should ask Angelo.