Monday, September 24, 2007

For Those Needing A Dive Fix

I didn't think about the fact that there might be those who actually didn't get to go diving this weekend, and might be needing a dive fix when I wrote about Kelli's new rack. That was a bit insensitive of me now that I think about it. I mean I figure that it's a given, when it's the weekend it means we'll all be diving. But I have had it pointed out to me that not everyone is as lucky as I am. So for those of you who didn't get a chance to get wet this past weekend, I'll show you a little bit of what I encountered over the weekend. Let me start by saying that visibility was outstanding this past weekend, by far the best I've seen in a while, and it helped that the sun was shining for the most part, lighting up the corals nicely. I went to Grotto Saturday morning and spent some time swimming with a green sea turtle outside #1, then I just kind of hovered above the bottom at about 90' coming back to the Grotto. This big Conus Striatus was at about 100'. You can see where it had been attacked earlier in its life and evidently survived to repair its shell and go on with life. The Striatus is the 2nd most deadly cone in the world. If you're going to pick it up to look at, you want to be sure to only handle it at the wide end. The narrow end is the business end and is where the poisonous little harpoon comes out of.

This little nudibranch was only about 1/4" long and was on the same rock as all the Pterolidia ianthina, those are the long purple nudibranchs. When you take the time to seriously look for nudibranchs, you'll find them all over the place, but it takes a lot of patience and a knack of spotting them. It was also a very good day for Halgerda guahan in the Grotto, as I saw about a dozen of them. Most were just cruising around by themselves, there were on the algae covered rocks, in holes in some of the boulders, a couple of them were going across the rubble, and then I discovered these two. It should come as no surprise that I happened to find a couple of them mating. I swear some of them start doing it as soon as I jump in the water just to show off. I also discovered this past weekend that this particular nudibranch feeds on the white sponge you see between them. Now I know it's very common to go get a snack or a sandwich after "doing it", but it seems these two are killing two birds with one stone. They decided to eat while doing it, I guess that might give them a little more stamina, I'm not really sure. I had several groups of Japanese divers come over to see what I was taking pictures of, so I pointed them out and then let them all take their pictures too. I'm thinking the Grotto is going to be known as the nudibranch cave dive before too long.

I only had time to do one dive Saturday as Kelli had me on kitchen duty later in the day. I was whipping up a batch of stuffed mushrooms, and they were amazing, even if I do say so myself. Sunday I had a chance to do a couple dives with Brad, who just moved here from Korea recently. We did manage to find a turtle to take some pictures of, but that will have to wait for tomorrow's post.

Kelli's New Big Rack

There were any number of things I could have started out talking about this week, but I decided to talk about something that has my wife totally excited. There comes a time in life where you realize that yes, you can just be content with the equipment you've been given, but that doesn't always stop you from dreaming about what if.... And of course what guy isn't proud of his wife with a new bigger rack? I mean let's be honest for a minute here, yes, having a new big rack is great and all, but if you just leave it tucked away in the "closet" all the time, what is the point? Sure it still serves its purpose and brings you pleasure, but if you're honest with yourself you have to admit that half of the fun is showing it off too! Who doesn't like to inspire a little bit of rack envy once in a while?

Now I realize that to many of you who know Kelli, you never would have thought she would have ever thought about such things. But the truth is, yes, even Kelli has thought about what life would be like if she had a bigger rack. And being the supportive husband that I am, of course I only wanted anything that would make my wife happier. The bigger rack was completely for her happiness, I'm just glad that it makes her so happy.

Now being a guy to the core, I also realized that if she got a new rack, it might induce a case of rack envy among some of her female friends. Because once you've finally got a bigger rack, half the fun is showing it off, right? Well, we had a dinner party at our house Saturday night and had several friends over. Kelli was so busy getting the food ready at first that she had forgotten about her new big rack for a few minutes. So after a little reminder from yours truly, I got her to open up and show off that gorgeous new rack. And there you have it, Kelli's new big rack in her food pantry. What, you thought I was talking about something else?