Friday, September 28, 2007

A Charmed Life

Sometimes there is nothing like seeing your life through someone elses eyes to remind you just how good you truly have it and what a charmed life you do indeed live. I really do try to remind myself of that every day. I have a wife who really, truly loves me. I'm not really sure why some days, since I'm probably a bit challenging to love, but she does, and I know it. I have 2 kids who are grown now and don't hate me. In fact, I think they even love me, and we have a great relationship. From my personal experience, that's not always the case with parents and children. That has to be at the top of the things I have to be grateful for, but it doesn't stop there.

In my average, routine day I get to drive along the ocean and see the surf breaking on the reef. I get to see all the amazing colors of the ocean, the brilliant turquoise of the water above the sand patches, the deep luxurious blue of the deep water, the greenish sections which are over vegetation. I just can't get enough of the ocean, when you grow up somewhere like Michigan and then you move to a tropical paradise, the ocean is something you hopefully never take for granted.

I drive down roads lined with coconut palms and hibiscus flowers. I am living in a place that hundreds of thousands of people from Japan, Korea, China and Russia want to come to for a vacation. And I get to dive whenever I want to! I have a cool underwater digital camera so I can bring back images of what I see and share them with other people.

I have a job that I love, and get to work with some great people. I make a comfortable living, I'm certainly not going to die rich, but I feel we've had a good life and we've managed to share it with quite a few people over the years. And now I have Stars & Stripes, the military newspaper publishing my stories and pictures, and not only that but they're paying me for it! How cool is that?

I've gotten a few comments on Link Referral lately that have really driven home the point that I do indeed live a charmed life though. I thought I'd share a few with you.

Opalyn from had this to say: If my blog is interesting, this blog is mindblogging! There are lots of interesting photos and posts. I'm afraid of the ocean but this blog is amazing! Someday, I may want to go for a dive!

Rayne from said this: This site is great it brings back old memories I lived in Guam for 5 years in the mid 70's and flue to Saipan several times to dive of the reefs. I love the underwater photos and your site. I will be back many times to enjoy what you have to share.

Szilard from said: Cool blog i fell in love on the first site :D. Really like it because it's clean no ads. The pictures are nice and great idea with the videos. The contents quality is also superb. Nice job keep it up..

Betty from had this to say: Wow, just vist this blog you wont be sorry ! Some of the images are of unbeliveable quality. The best blog I have seen !

Maxwell from said: Thank you so much for sharing your story and your interest in the under water world. Photos are wonderful with gorgeous colors. Love it and wished I could do what you do.

Mercy from said this: What I like about this blog is that this person is having a profound experience on his journey. The way things are described make you wanna go there yourself, or feel like you're already there. And the pictures are so beautiful..

Greg from said: Wow. Those are beautiful photos. I have bookmarked your page. I would love purchase some photos for my son's room..

Like I said, there is nothing like hearing from other people to make you really realize just how good you have it. I truly appreciate all the comments people have given me about my pictures and my blog, it's nice to see that someone appreciates it.

And for any of you who do want to purchase some of my underwater pictures, you can do that on my smugmug site. Smugmug makes it very easy to order the pictures, you can choose the size and finish you want. You can even get them printed and mounted on canvas if you like. Just go to browse through the pictures, and when you find one you like, there should be a button on the upper right hand side just above the picture, a "buy this" button. Just click it and it will then let you choose exactly what size and finish you want. I have the pictures priced affordably, and Smugmug does a great job of printing them, I was totally impressed with their quality. Thanks for your support and interest, it makes something I love just that much richer!