Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kaye Turns 55

When you hit one of those big milestones in life, 30, 40, 50, 55, you have a choice of how to approach it. You can run away from everyone you know and just hide til it's over, that's how I handled 30. You can basically forget your having another birthday because by this point you realize there's not a thing you're going to do to slow down the process anyway, that's how I handled 40 I think, but I really can't remember turning 40. Or you can embrace it and celebrate the fact that you've survived this long, and all things considered you're at a pretty good place in your life. That's how I'm hoping I'll be celebrating 50 in a few years, and that is how our friend Kaye Christian decided to celebrate turning 55 last Friday. Kelli is at the left, Kaye is in the middle, and Linka Balian is the one teaching them to belly dance.

Now normally you never disclose or discuss a woman's age, unless you want to be blacklisted forever. But Kaye was not only proclaiming she was 55, but she threw a big party and invited a bunch of her friends to help her celebrate it at the Magic Lamp. And if you know Kaye, you're probably as shocked as I was when I first learned her age, Kaye looks great for 55, heck Kaye looks great for 40. She insisted on people not bringing presents, she said their presence was the only present she wanted for her birthday. I think everyone had an awesome time, the food was great, and the entertainment was amazing. Linda and Vic also fired up one of the Hookah pipes for guests at the party to try. It's a big water pipe with flavored tobacco and coals in the top of it. So by the time the smoke gets to you it's very cool and extremely flavorful. Here you see Bryan enjoying a puff on the Hookah. I think we all pretty much agreed that Maggie Wonenberg took the prize for being the best amateur belly dancer though. After watching the way she took to it I had to wonder if this was really her first time or not. One of the great things about a party like this is being able to talk to people you may not run into that often otherwise. Then there is always someone at a party like this who has to go and do something that gives you nightmares for months afterward. And the truly shocking thing is that alcohol had nothing to do with this twisted display of belly dancing. All I can say is I'm glad Linda didn't give him one of her tops to wear as well. This is Chris getting out there and shaking his little skirt with Maggie and Kaye.

I said earlier that I'm hoping I'll be ready to grab the bull by the horns and party hearty when I turn 50 in a few years, but I'm not there yet. So when I turn 47 in a couple weeks, I'll be quietly disappearing and really don't want to hear about it.