Thursday, October 4, 2007

Student In Business Day

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce started sponsoring a Student In Business day last year. The point was to give high school students a taste of what various jobs were like in the private sector, and to help them determine jobs that may or may not be suitable for them in the future. Last year we had about 40 students sign up for the program, and in our 2nd year we had 94 sign up this year. We took 2 students at the radio stations, Lewie had Taylor Moss, who is on the left, and I had Victoria Bellas, on the right.

For most businesses the students got to show up around 8 am, but not with us. I had them come in at 6 am. And even at that I was giving Victoria a break since I normally get to the station a little before 5 am these days. But I figured if she wanted to know what my day was like, she should experience it starting when I did, or at least close. And no, I don't think Taylor's eyes were close because she was sleeping since I made her come in so early, just bad timing on the photographers part. Here are Taylor and Lewie right before I took the two young ladies to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce meeting and lunch at the World Resort. Taylor is looking at becoming an engineer or an architect, so it's not like she was looking at radio as a career choice, but she said she had fun anyway. How can you not have fun hanging out with Lewie "Triguy" Tenorio? I'm wondering if they talked radio or triathalons. Victoria is looking at a job eventually in Public Relations, so radio really wasn't that much of a stretch for her. We had good conversations all morning though as she is exceptionally in touch with what is going on politically. I was shocked to learn that even 6 years ago she was carefully following politics and already knew which candidates she liked and didn't. We went back and forth asking questions all morning, and I'm hoping that she enjoyed her time with me in the studio for the morning hours. Victoria also got to ask Tony Guerrero, the Executive Director of Commonwealth Utilities Corporation and Lt. Governor Tim Villagomez a question during Island Issues. After hearing her question I think I could have just taken the morning off and let Victoria handle it, she did a great job.

Since I made the ladies come in at 6 am, I let them go right after the Chamber lunch, I figured that was a long enough day to have to spend with me. Now they didn't really get a taste of everything I do at the radio station since I didn't take them out to the AM tower site and go weed cutting, and I also didn't make them climb the tower on Mt. Topochou, both things that wind up being a regular part of my job.

I promise to go diving again soon, I know you're going through diving picture withdrawl and you know I'm going through diving withdrawl.