Monday, October 15, 2007

Kelli's Birthday

For a few days I get to have an older wife once again. Saturday was Kelli's birthday and she is now officially older than me, it doesn't matter when I catch up to her, that's not really the point, nor should that be the focus. To understand why I have to celebrate this fact every year you have to go back to when she turned 16 and I was still 15. She drove on our first date, and kept saying the entire time that she wished I could drive, but oh yeah, I wasn't old enough. I told her if she kept it up I'd marry her and make her pay for the rest of her life, and here were are 31 years later and I'm still keeping that promise. For her birthday, Kelli wanted to go to The Spa at Fiesta Resort with me. We both got wave massages and body scrubs, it's definitely a nice way to spend a couple hours in the afternoon. Then she just wanted to come home and have spaghetti, certainly not one of the most glamorous birthday dinners we've ever done, but it was nice and quiet. Sarah made us spaghetti and a home made apple pie. I usually go on the air and let everybody know that once again I'm married to an older woman, I figure it's all a part of keeping my promise back when she was 16 and I was 15. So I guess I'm going to have to do that this morning, after all, I wouldn't want her to be disappointed that I'm getting soft or anything. Happy Birthday Kel!