Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Year Older - Now As Old As Kelli!

For 4 days every year I get the chance to harass Kelli about being older than me, but sadly those 4 days go faster every year and then I'm the same age as her again. We went out for French night at the Kili Cafe at the Hyatt the night before my birthday. French night is only on Tuesday and my birthday was on Wednesday, so you do what you have to do. We had a couple friends join us for a quiet dinner, well, it was quiet until Sarah and Chris started the food fight, but more on that later. Those who are regular blog readers will probably recognize Bev, or Bubbles as she is also known. In spite of the fact that she ditched me on the last dive she was supposed to go on with me and left me just sitting there waiting for her for a while, I still invited her to my birthday dinner. I think I just wanted to harass her about it all night and try putting on a guilt trip. I don't think it worked, but we'll see what happens next time she asks to go diving with me. And Hozumi is always there ready to party with me and help me celebrate my birthday, or pretty much anything else for that matter. In honor of French night, Hozumi even dressed up to look French, I think she pulled it off well. Here you see Hozumi eating my piece of birthday ice cream cake. In all fairness, she didn't eat it all by herself, Bev had a little bit, and Sarah had a bite or two, but Hozumi had the lions share of it. Just as she was taking the last bite I told her I wanted a taste of it, but it looked like it was too late. And here is a rare pictue of Sarah and Chris. It's rare because they both have decent smiles, they're not sticking their tongues out or making other ridiculous faces and they don't have any food on their faces. Don't believe me? Well let me prove it then. At least here Sarah is just looking semi-normal. The problems come in when she and Chris start getting creative about posing for pictures, that's when things like this happen. They both wind up with whipped cream all over their faces. Who would have ever thought that I would look like the mature one at the table. Well ok fine, there is always Kelli, but she doesn't count, she's always mature. And finally, this is the perfect plate of food. For those of you not refined enough to know how to properly dress a plate of food, let me show you how. Now it is important to note that while eating everything on the plate, your pinky needs to be extended straight out, and your nose should be slightly in the air. But then you need a cream puff on your plate, a piece of cold boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce, a fried doughnut thing, watermelon, smoked salmon, and rare prime rib with mushroom gravy. You want to try keeping the gravy off of the watermelon, but it's not really that important. Watermelon still tastes good even with mushroom gravy on it. Happy Birthday to me, I'm now as old as my wife!