Friday, October 26, 2007

The New Camera

My new Canon EOS Rebel 400D XTi got here earlier this week, so as you can probably guess, I'm very excited. I've never owned an SLR camera before, so I've got an awful lot to learn, but I like challenges. The nice thing about this camera is that even if you don't want to have to learn all the settings, you can still take some pretty amazing shots in fully automatic mode. And the lenses have automatic focus as well, so all I have to do is find what I want a picture of and push the button. Emma was just begging to have her picture taken by being a couch potato.

Kelli and Sarah just left for the states yesterday and took the camera I use for my underwater photography with them. I decided not to order the underwater housing for my new one until I learn to use the camera really well first, so I won't be having any new underwater pictures for a couple weeks. But that's ok, I have so many around that I think I can find a few to post for the next couple weeks. While I was poking around looking for other things to take pictures of, I noticed that the orchids on the old tree stump had produced some flowers for me, so I thought they would make a nice subject as well. This one was shot in macro mode, even though I didn't have a macro lense on for it. My macro lense should be arriving any day now so I'm excited to see what kind of difference it will make. We have a whole patch of red ginger growing in front of our house, which also makes for a great photo subject. It also looks great in a vase on your table, however it can be pretty tough getting all the ants out of the flower first. That was a lesson I learned the hard way the first time, I wound up bringing a bunch of uninvited guests to dinner that night. And I was pretty impressed with one of my zoom lenses for the camera as it brought one of the old WWII tanks in the lagoon in for a closer look. I think I'll be having a lot of fun experimenting with the camera and finding out what it's capable of in the next couple of weeks. So the pictures might be a little different than you're used to, but don't worry, I'll get back to diving pictures very soon. I decided to go down to the Thursday night street market to take some pictures as well, and couldn't resist stopping by the American Memorial Park Visitor's Center to get a shot of this. This little guy was literally on top of the world, even if his mom was within reach. Saipan is a photographers dream, and I hope to bring it to you in vivid color and detail within the next few weeks.