Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Wife & My Dive Camera Return Home!

Kelli has been on a trip to Texas to spend some time with her grandmother and our son Josh and his wife Regis. It sounds like she's been having a great time and I've really enjoyed seeing the pictures on her blog that she has taken in Texas. I sent her on the trip with the camera I use for diving, as I wanted her to be able to bring back some great pictures, since someone had to stay here and work and feed the cats and dog. Last night Kelli returned, which I am very thankful for, I think my steady diet of Lays potato chips might be catching up with me. But that means my dive camera has returned as well. I haven't ordered the housing for my new camera yet, I wanted to spend plenty of time with it getting familiar with it first. I think a few of you might be getting tired of my other pictures, but I'm having a great time taking them. I've been keeping an eye out for good sunsets and then heading down to the beach every time I think there's going to be a good one. As I was heading down there the other day, I drove by this field of wild sugar cane, and the tassles looked like shimmering silver in the sunlight, so of course I had to stop and take a picture on my way to my appointment with the sunset. When I got to the beach I found plenty of other subjects to concentrate on while I was waiting for the sun to set. This is a sight you see all the time, fishermen on the beach hoping to reel in the big one. In all my years living here, I've only seen one fisherman reel in the big one fishing on the beach, so I know it does happen, but certainly not very often. As I walked past this group of kids swimming, they started calling out, "Hey mister, take my picture, only me!" They saw the camera and all wanted their pictures taken. They were having so much fun making all the poses how could I possibly disappoint them? There's just nothing like having some fun in the water on a Saipan beach. And it's even better if you can find some funny looking guy with a shaved head and a camera to take your picture. Do you remember those carefree days when the most pressing concern you had was how you were going to pass the math test the next day? Sure enough before too long the sun started to sink and do its thing, and I could tell it was going to be a pretty nice sunset. By this point I had wandered down to PIC, and got some happy hour chicken wings to make waiting for the sunset a little easier. I thought it was cool watching all the people in the water as the sun turned the water into slivers of liquid gold. The kayakers were silhouetted against the setting sun, swimmers were nothing but a dark circle above the water, and there were several other beach-goers also taking pictures of the sunset. You know it's going to be a nice sunset when it turns the skyline into a rich golden hue. Obviously a sunset that those kayakers would treasure from their tropical vacation. One of the things I enjoy the most about a spectacular sunset is the contrast in colors. If I was an artist it's moments like this that I would try to capture on canvas and recreate. But sadly, I have no artistic talent, I can only visualize things in my head, but can never make them materialize on paper or canvas. It was looking like conditions were turning perfect for a green "flash", which really isn't a flash at all, but is more like a very quick little blip. If there are no clouds in the way, the second the last little bit of sun sinks over the horizon, you will see a little "flash" of green as the colors of the spectrum are bent around the curve of the earth. Sure enough, I saw it, I tried to capture it on the camera, but I wasn't successful.But I was successful in getting some pretty nice sunset pics, and I totally enjoyed my sunset time on the beach. It's easy when you live somewhere like this to just get busy, or just come home and not pay attention to the sunsets, but there are some nights when you really need to take the time and make the effort to enjoy them. This was one of those nights.