Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving After Diving

One of my traditional jobs every year for Thanksgiving is to carve the turkey. And typically someone will snap a picture of me carving the bird, they usually catch me when there is still plenty of meat to carve off the carcas, but not this year. Sarah came in after I was all done and said I had to pose for a picture carving the turkey, I told her she was too late, it was all done. She insisted that I pose for a picture with the carcas anyway, so here you go. If you're going to be the picture taker, it's important that you are ready with the camera to get pictures when they present themselves, like when I was actually carving the turkey would have been nice. Emma was on clean up detail, at least she was more than willing to help clean up the turkey scraps after the carving. She is working on her dishwashing skills, but she doesn't always get all the crusty stuff off the dishes, so we can't trust her to wash all the dishes. (That was a joke, well as far as you know it was anyway). Any guesses whose glass this one might be? This was the table before we all filled our plates with food. We had 11 for dinner, and then one more came later. The list this year included, Kelli & I, Sarah & Chris, Greg & Bev, Bryan without Hozumi, Kevin & Lynn Baker, Kaye Christian & Brenda Hoffert, formerly Haddox. Zandra came later after her other commitment. I believe Kelli was trying to make Emma be a neat dog here as she ate the turkey scraps, but if she really wanted that, she probably should have given it to her outside. Here you see Greg & Bev, this was what they did to help get things ready. I guess we all have our place in life. And here we all are enjoying our meal. Every year it seems a crime to me that something that takes so much time and work to prepare is over so quickly, but such is Thanksgiving dinner. It was truly a delicious meal, Sarah even made homemade cranberries, I have to admit it was better than the canned version. Now this is the Bev that I'm used to seeing. It seems that everytime she sees me anywhere this is how she greets me. I don't know if there is a message there or not, but I had to include this picture since I've seen so much of her tongue. Bryan was feeling a bit ill, but Kelli filled him full of Enchinacea and Ginger and Sarah gave him some Advil, so he was feeling much better by the end of the night. We played a game of Sorry after dinner, and after jumping out to a commanding lead, I wound up being the biggest loser, such is my luck at games. Zandra showed up for leftovers and to be humiliated in pictures. Sarah and Chris went through various stages of like and dislike throughout the game, but as you can see, all's well that ends well. And I bet you thought I was kidding about Bev always sticking her tongue out at me. Nope, seriously, whenever I picture Bev in my head, this is the image that automatically pops up. We had an awesome Thanksgiving, and I hope you and your family did as well.