Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look Out Bali, Here I Come!

This is the day I've been waiting for for months. Well actually the truth of the matter is, I've been waiting for it for 8 years, ever since I had my last vacation and left Bali the last time. Kelli and I take off for Bali this afternoon for 10 days and we're both so excited we can hardly stand it. It's been 8 years since we've had a vacation, and needless to say it's long overdue.

I've had some people say to me, wait, it hasn't been 8 years, didn't you just go to Hong Kong in 2006? Yes, I went to get a heart cathaterization and was held hostage in a hospital until my insurance company finally called them with a credit card number. Not exactly my idea of a vacation. But wait, didn't you go to Los Angeles the year before that? Yup, I went there to have an operation on my stomach where they took the top part of it and turned it into a new valve to hopefully keep me from choking to death. That meant I couldn't eat anything for 6 weeks. That was after a 14 hour operation and the better part of a week spent in the hospital. Again, not my idea of a vacation. But wait, weren't you in Manila before that? Yup, that's where I was supposed to get the operation done the first time, but they gave me some horrible infection, nearly killed me and I wound up in the intensive care unit for over a week with horrible sores and blisters all through my nose, mouth and throat and again couldn't eat anything as a result. Yup, I've just been having a blast these last few years every time I leave island. Can you see why I really need a real vacation? This one will be nothing but massages, diving, exploring, taking pictures, eating and enjoying life.

I packed my bags yesterday, all our dive gear, all the cameras and underwater housings, and a couple pairs of shorts and some shirts, and we're good. I'll be taking pictures of everything and bringing them all back to share with you right here. I might try making a post or two from Bali, but no promises, I'll be awfully busy having fun. I'll be back on March 3rd, and will tell you all about it then! See you soon!


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Angelo Villagomez said...

Have a safe trip and try not to think of Saipan.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Here's hooping you and Kelli have a wonderful time!