Friday, March 14, 2008

Nudi Monkey Sex & Balinese Fishing Boats

I realize I already posted this picture and already talked about monkey sex, but an interesting thing has happened since then. As I was checking out to see where my readers are coming from and what's bringing them here, I have found a disproportionate number of them did a search on monkey sex and that's what brought them to my blog. Readers from all over the world, it kind of blew my mind really. I have heard it said that the title to your blog is much more important than what is actually in it, which I think is kind of sad, but if that is indeed true, then if I combine my nudibranchs with monkey sex and just call it nudi monkey sex, just imagine all the pervs I'll have coming to see my blog. Yes, the monkeys are nude, so I guess it's not false advertising, little did they know I was referring to nudibranchs though.
I mean how could anyone not think this amazing little creature is not very cool? Nudibranchs come in all shapes and sizes and are as multicolored as a bag of Skittles. And every time you discover a new one it's like you've hit the jackpot. I even know of a lawyer, diver wannabe who is starting to develop an unhealthy fascination of the cute little critters. Of course he'd never admit it, but I know it's true. I'd like to think that people read my blog for the occasional chuckle, to learn a little bit about what's under the water, or just to enjoy some very cool pictures. But it seems the vast majority of them these days just get their jollies from watching monkeys do it. In the words of Pink, who knew?
I am capable of taking pictures above the water as well, and occasionally I even find some pretty cool shots. This one was from the beach in front of our hotel in Tulamben, Bali. If you get up before the sunrise you can see the volcano and mountain on Lombok across the ocean. After the sun is up you will no longer be able to see it though, so you've got to get up early to get these kind of shots. Usually the sun just rises over the ocean here, but at this particular time of year the sun comes up directly behind the crater in the volcano making it look as though the volcano is erupting the sun, how cool is that? Well I thought it was!
And speaking of cool, I absolutely fell in love with the Balinese fishing boats. We actually got to take one of these to go to one of our diving locations. The seats in them are just slats of bamboo that are tied together and rest on rails on both sides of the boat. You just pick them up and can stow all your dive gear beneath them, and then just pull it back far enough to give your legs enough room to go down in the belly of the boat for the ride. This is the ultimate dive boat and I'd give anything to have one of them on Saipan. I'm betting the tourists would love it too. I'm guessing they'd be willing to pay a pretty penny to take a little dive trip in one of these babies. This is my new brainstorm, using Balinese fishing boats for dive boats on Saipan. They are amazingly stable, can handle just about anything the ocean throws at you, and are very easy to take a couple divers out in. Anybody want to go in on this idea with me?
It's a very comfortable ride, you look very cool riding in it and they are fairly simple and inexpensive. I'm telling you, these things would be a huge hit around here and what tourist wouldn't like a custom made dive trip aboard a Balinese fishing boat with an old Axe Murderer as their tour guide and boat driver?

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Mike Ernest said...

That nudibranch looks like clown snot.

Cool picture!