Monday, March 17, 2008

Spectacular Saipan Sunsets

This was definitely one of the most memorable sunset weekends I can remember in a long time, they were simply breathtaking, spectacular even. We got to watch the first one Friday night from the amazing vantage point of the 360 Restaurant which sits atop of the Marianas Business Plaza, formerly known as the Nauru Building. Yes, I love the food there, the atmosphere is great, the waitresses are all fantastic, but the one thing this restaurant has that nobody else does is a panoramic view of the island as the restaurant rotates, and you can get some spectacular sunset views. I always take my camera with me when I go there in time for the sunset, you just never know when you'll see something like this.
These are a few of the reasons that some of us choose to live on this tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you just don't get sunsets like this in Michigan. And while these sunsets are very cool to just watch and enjoy, I love capturing them with my camera and being able to share them over and over again. The view of the ocean and sunset through the windows of the 360 Restaurant. We got to watch that spectacular sunset with a friend from Tinian while sipping a glass of wine, then we had a couple other friends join us for a mouthwatering meal, what a great way to kick off the weekend!
Then Saturday evening we were driving down Beach Road on our way to Hawaii Bar & Grill to meet some more friends for dinner when I saw another awesome sunset taking shape. My camera is always close, so I stopped to take a few pictures of what was shaping up as another amazing sunset in paradise.
I had to make two stops on the way to the restaurant the sunset was just so spectacular. I pulled in to the boat ramp to catch a few more pictures of what was turning out to be another amazing view. If I could paint, this is the type of scene that I would love to create, but I can't, so I have to be content to capture it with my camera.
I was absolutely mesmerized by the colors and the amazing display that God was putting on for us these past two nights. I never get tired of seeing these kind of sights, and I never get tired of stopping the truck to take pictures of it either. I think Kelli might think I'm a bit crazy when I hurridly pull over to the side of the road so I can get just the right shot, but then when I show her the picture she seems to appreciate it just as much as I do.
Then shortly after we arrived at Hawaii Bar & Grill, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation decided to grace us with a candlelight dinner by having a power outage. It didn't even slow down the crew at Hawaii Bar & Grill, they ran down the street to a store, bought some candles, and came back and let us all enjoy a candlelight dinner until the power finally came back on. It was truly a memorable weekend, and I haven't even gotten to the diving yet.


KelliOnSaipan said...

Wow - the sunset pics look even better on the computer. Nice shots!

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