Monday, April 14, 2008

Sharks View of Swimmers

I usually have to spend quite a bit of time doing decompression stops on the rope when I dive the Grotto, and when you're sitting there for 30-40 minutes there's not much else to do but watch other divers and watch the swimmers above you. All the sudden it dawned on me, oh yeah, that's what we must look like to the sharks when we're on top. That's why you'll always find me below the water as opposed to just floating around on top. I'm really not worried about sharks, and don't think they really pose much of a threat, unless you provoke them or there is blood in the water. As I'm underwater I always have my camera with me, I'm always on the look out for what I think will make interesting shots. Then I realized that shooting up at the swimmers with the sun in the background can make for some very cool effects.After you've spent a couple hours below the water looking at nudibranchs, turtles and fish, watching swimmers on the surface can be highly entertaining. They usually just stay on the surface and swim back and forth or just hang out at the rope, but occasionally you'll get some of them that will venture down to take a look themselves.Once this guy discovered I had a camera and was willing to take pictures of him, he would pull himself down on the rope and pose for me, here you see him giving me the "hang loose" sign. Now you'll notice he's wearing a flotation device, so getting himself down to 18' was no easy task, I thought he definitely deserved to have a picture taken of him.I also thought this shot looked pretty cool of a bunch of tourist divers all doing their safety stop with the sun shining into the shallows of the washing machine behind them. There are awesome photo ops all around us, it's just a matter of opening our eyes and looking at things through the camera lens.Just one more reminder of what you look like to the sharks and to the divers below you. But if I were you I'd be more worried about some diver pulling your foot than I would be about being bitten by a shark. Especially certain divers who have too much time on their hands while doing their deco stops.


TwoTank said...

These are totally rad photos! We added you to our site... keep the fun photos coming! If we travel to Saipan, we will definitely look you up :)


Anonymous said...

Hola,soy claudia de argentina.
las fotografías de este blog son hermosas,los felicito,del texto no puedo decir mucho ya que tengo que traducirlo,pero no importa lo voy a hacer.un saludo desde aquí.

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Pretty neat photos! I look at those and think the divers must be freezing... oh, yeah this is warm water!

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