Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Logo Version

Barry Wonenberg has jumped in and offered another version of the Axe Murderer Tours logo. Kelli is already casting her vote this direction because she says the skull doesn't look as scarey and it's got a friendlier look. If this guy had a moustache and goatee, he would almost be a dead ringer for me, no pun intended. I'm hoping we can get something finalized pretty soon though, as the list of people wanting to buy their Axe Murderer Tours merchandise is growing by the day. What are your thoughts about the logo? Kelli was trying to sell me on a mermaid logo last week, and as much as I personally happen to like mermaids, I just don't think a sexy looking mermaid says, Axe Murderer Tours. Leave a comment if you have an opinion, we need to get this all sorted out fairly soon.


Brad said...

I like this logo best, so far.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Me too. This one is much more fitting for the tongue in cheek style of AMT.

Dominic said...

i kind of like the "Axe Murder" instead of "Axe Murderer". Its charming.