Thursday, June 5, 2008

Axe Murderer Tours - More Popular Than Ever!

Thanks to my dive buddy, golf buddy, partner in crime and fellow Axe Murderer, Doug, we now have a logo for our fictional dive & tour company. Doug is the only one in the outfit with any creative skills or talents at all, so it was his job to come up with a logo. I need some feedback on the skull though, do you think it's too realistic or just right? Would you prefer a smiling skull? I'm trying to get some feedback as I'm about to have a local company do a screen for the logo and set up a computerized model so I can have the logo embroidered on shirts, hats, bandanas, dive skins, bikinis, and whatever else there is a demand for.

I've had many of the military guys I've taken diving ask if they could get hats or shirts with Axe Murderer Tours on it since they were all official victims now. Sadly, up to this point I've had to say no, they didn't exist. But all that is about to change. I've actually got a couple websites that I will be dedicating to Axe Murderer Tours and its victims. I got and I also bought the domain name for I figure the one on blogspot will be for posting pictures and telling stories about all the various people I take out diving. And the other one will be used for selling Axe Murderer Tours merchandise. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want a cool black dive bandana with that logo on it? I can't wait to see the first bikini with the logo on it being worn on a dive. It's all about having fun and helping other people to have fun as well. That's what was behind the creation of Axe Murderer Tours, and that will definitely be our theme as we progress.

And speaking of Axe Murderer Tours, I have a guy visiting some friends on island right now who is going to be the latest victim of Axe Murderer Tours this afternoon. He wants to get in as many dives as he can by next week. That shouldn't be a problem! And then I got an e-mail earlier this week from Erin in Japan. She is married to a marine who is stationed up there, and they are bringing the kids and having their first ever family vacation on the island of Saipan. She found my blog doing research for her vacation and contacted me asking if I could recommend anyone to take her out diving. As a matter of fact I happen to know just the guy who would be happy to get wet with her. They arrive on the 9th, and I'm guessing she'll get in a ton of dives before she leaves a week later as well.

So let me know your thoughts on the logo, I've got shirts, hats, bandanas, dive skins and bikinis to order!


KelliOnSaipan said...

Wow, good job on the art work, Doug! Ok, for my opinion, I say YES, he should definitely be smiling, and maybe even winking one eye or wearing an eye patch. But I like the green moss growing on him.

Dominic said...

you should have a body count

or a slogan like:

"Better Dead than Never"

Angelo Villagomez said...

You have the same haircut as the skull. I say it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Maybe add George coming out of one of the skulls eyes...ha ha

Brad said...

Harry, looks like Doug did a good job with the logo. As I mentioned to you, I'd like to see a version with the dive flag larger (just to see how it looks) and I like Kelli's idea of an eyepatch. But either way, it looks great.

Depending on who you're marketing to, you may want to pick a simpler font as many Koreans/Japanese have trouble reading some fonts. I'd run into that problem a lot when I was teaching in Korea. I had to skip cursive writing or anything too stylish because it wasn't the style of "A,B,C" they'd learned. But if you're just thinking the English speaking crowd (such as the military guys and gals) will want them, then it's no problem.

Good work Doug! Where can I buy mine at? And how about mask straps? Or SCAPS? Is that what Kelli called your new headwear?