Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm not usually the type to try these sort of things, but I read several good reports of people using this particular service on Link Referral. And the thing that I really liked is that it only involves a one time charge of $10, plus a $2 administrative fee for mammothlist and then you have to pay a $2 fee to whichever pay service you wind up signing up with. So for a total investment of $14, you buy into this list building service. You use $10 of it to pay out to 5 different people on the list, paying each of them $2. And then for every person that signs up under you, they wind up paying you $2 of their sign up, with the rest going to other members. As each of the maximum 20 people you sign up, sign up others, you are included on their lists as well down to the 5th place. I know this sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme, but what the heck, for $14 I'm willing to risk it and see if anything comes of it. Look at it this way, if you were going to a casino, chances are you'd be spending much more than $14 and your chances of recoving your initial investment wouldn't be nearly as good. So come on, let's get some of you involved in this thing and see if it works. Simply click on this banner and you'll be signed up under my list. Sign up is quick and painless.

Here are the people I'm encouaging to give this a shot: Angelo Villagomez, John Dax Moreno, Beverly Cabanatan, Brad Derksen, Brad Ruszala, Bruce Bateman, Jeff Turbitt, EJ Lee, Hozumi Redd, Josh Blalock, Lewie Tenorio, Mike Tripp, Greg Moretti, Tami Hunter, Deece & Missy. If there are others who want to give this a shot that I haven't mentioned, you're more than welcome to click on the banner and sign up as well. These are all just people I figured could spare the $14 and might want to give it a shot. Let's see what happens!

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