Monday, June 30, 2008

North Dakota Does Exist and Other Interesting Facts

A while back I did a blog talking about all the various places in the world that I have had readers to my blog from. I found it interesting that I had readers from every single state except for North Dakota. I concluded that everyone must have left the state and nobody bothered turning out the lights when they left, what else could account for the fact that I had readers from almost everywhere else? Well today I finally had a hit from Minot, North Dakota, so it's official I have had readers from all 50 states.

I also had my highest readership 2 days in a row a couple weeks ago. No it wasn't a post on monkey sex, or nudibranchs as surprising as that may be to some people. It was from a post I did about Kelli wearing a half cast splint on her leg after fracturing her knee cap while slipping walking across to the rock in the Grotto. There is this thing called the Brace & Cast Forum online that evidently deals with braces, splints, casts and the injuries they are used to treat. Someone had found my blog and written something about it in German, and the next thing I knew I was getting hits from all over the world of people either reading about Kelli's experience or looking at this picture of her wearing her splint.
I guess it just goes to show you never know what will grab people's attention, but since my blog is not really about winning any contests or having the most number of readers, I don't really care that much about those results. My blog will continue to be about diving and pictures of critters under the sea, no I won't be seduced by the numbers offered by the brace & cast enthusiasts. But the important thing is that we have determined once and for all that North Dakota does indeed exist.

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